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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ever been contacted by a character from a novel? I have--twice!

Last year I was contacted by a gal named Del Hawthorne. At first I couldn't believe it. Then I had to laugh at the irony. Del Hawthorne is the main character (protagonist) in my thriller The River.

My Del is an anthropologist at a UBC. When her father goes missing and is eventually presumed dead, she is devastated. Seven years later, someone from her past shows up in her classroom--a man who'd also gone missing with her father. He tells her something unbelievable. Her father is still alive, but not for long if the wrong people get their hands on him. Del sets out to find her father, along with a group of near strangers, and follows his trail to the mysterious and deadly Nahanni River, a river that is often referred to as..."the Bermuda Triangle of Canada".

The Del Hawthorne who emailed me has a lot in common with my "character" Del. Del is short for Delila for one, and Delilah for the other. They both live in Vancouver. There were other things they have in common.

Yesterday, I was contacted by a gal named Bliss. She'd done the same thing as Del above; she'd Googled her own name out of curiosity. And that led Bliss to my i Phone novel Finding Bliss, which I'll be starting on hopefully next month. I told her I named my main character after the Bliss chocolates made by Hershey's. She got a kick out of reading about a novel that had a character with her name. I got a kick out of being contacted by another "character". :)

Hmmm...perhaps I should write a novel about a hunk named Johnny Depp. Maybe he'll contact me next...

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif

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