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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Read an excerpt from Lancelot's Lady

"Another brilliantly crafted novel by Cheryl Tardif. This is a beautiful love story rippling with suspense and just the right amount of sensuality. Its great dialogue will sweep you along and its well stocked cast of colorful characters will draw you in and make you feel what they feel." --Emily Ross, aka Pauline Holyoak

When palliative care nurse Rhianna McLeod is given a birthday gift of a dream holiday to the Bahamas by her dying boss, billionaire JT Lance, Rhianna has no idea that her 'holiday' will include being stranded on a private island with Jonathan, an irritating but irresistibly handsome recluse. Or that she'll fall head over heels for the man.

To live fully in the present, Rhianna must resolve her own murky past, unravel the secret that haunts JT, foil the plans of a sleazy, blackmailing private investigator and help Jonathan find his muse. Only then can Rhianna find the love she's been searching for, and finally become...Lancelot's Lady.


Lancelot's Lady placed as the #3 Semi-Finalist in the Dorchester "Next Best Celler" contest, hosted by Lancelot's Lady was #1 Most Popular for the first 3 months and in the top 3 Most Popular for the following 2 months.

You can read the first few chapters (without having to sign up for anything) on my website: Lancelot's Lady

Or you can read a bit more of my novel at:

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Gift of Chocolate, Coffee & Crime

For anyone living in Canada, you can now order a special gift at that contains your choice of my bestselling techno-thriller THE RIVER or my bestselling paranormal suspense thriller DIVINE INTERVENTION.

Also included is a mug and your choice of hot chocolate or coffee and your choice of biscotti or a chocolate spoon.

Chocolate, Coffee & Crime. What goes better together than these?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Remember our Canadian heroes: 2 minutes is "a pittance of time"

Today, Remembrance Day, is the day we need to remember our Canadian troops, those Armed Forces men and women who have fought for us, died for us and survived for us. While you walk through the day, please remember that there are children without father or mothers because of their commitment and dedication to our country. Mothers and fathers have lost sons and daughters. Many have lost spouses and countless have lost dear friends.

If you haven't yet taken 2 minutes out of your busy life to remember that these men and women have fought for their country so that you can enjoy the freedoms we are so richly blessed with here in Canada, please take your 2 minutes after watching the video below. ~Cheryl

The story of A Pittance of Time:

On November 11, 1999, Terry Kelly was in a drug store in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. At 10:55 AM an announcement came over the store's PA asking customers who would still be on the premises at 11:00 AM to give two minutes of silence in respect to the veterans who have sacrificed so much for us.

Terry was impressed with the store's leadership role in adopting the Legion's two minutes of silence initiative. He felt that the store's contribution of educating the public to the importance of remembering was commendable.

When eleven o'clock arrived on that day, an announcement was again made asking for the two minutes of silence to commence. All customers, with the exception of a man who was accompanied by his young child, showed their respect.

Terry's anger towards the father for trying to engage the store's clerk in conversation and for setting a bad example for his child was channeled into a beautiful piece of work called, A Pittance of Time. Terry later recorded A Pittance of Time and included it on his full-length music CD, The Power of the Dream.

Thank You to the Royal Canadian Legion Todmorden Branch #10 and Woodbine Height Branch #2 for their participation in the Video.

You can read the lyrics of this inspiring song at:

Please visit

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Press release regarding Lancelot's Lady making the semi-finals in the Dorchester Next Best Celler romance contest hits the US

NEW YORK, NY, November 04, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- When Canadian author Cheryl Kaye Tardif decided to dust off an old romance manuscript and enter it in the "Next Best Celler" contest sponsored by Dorchester Publishing and hosted by, Cheryl had no idea how popular her debut romantic suspense would become.

Read the full press release at

Lancelot's Lady by Cherish D'Angelo (aka Cheryl Kaye Tardif) is a Semi-finalist in the Dorchester "Next Best Celler" Contest Hosted by

Tuesday, November 03, 2009 Announces Semi-Finalists in Dorchester "Next Best Celler" Romance Writing Contest

PARK CITY, Utah, November 3, 2009— announced the Semi-Finalists for the current Dorchester “Next Best Celler” Romance Writing Contest, which combines a live, serial publication model with a unique voting and ranking system to help identify top new novelists and fiction writers.

See who made the Top 20 Semi-Finalists.

I'll let you know that Lancelot's Lady, my debut romantic suspense, is #3 on the list. In fact, I'm the ONLY Canadian author to make the Top 20.

If you haven't read Lancelot's Lady yet, please do. If you enjoy it, click on the blue thumb and phone circles. This contest isn't over yet, and points still matter.

Thank you all for your support!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Fan mail from a teenaged boy in BC who loved The River

Every now and then I get a piece of fan mail that really tugs on my heart and fills me with gratitude. This morning I received one such email, and I've received permission to post it here.
Dear Ms. Tardif,
Hello! My name is Cliff. I am 15 year old and live in Nanaimo, BC Canada. I just finished your novel "The River" and wanted to tell you that i really loved it. I think you are an awesome writer and can't wait to read more of your work. I'm honestly not much of a reader and it normally it takes me a long time to actually finish a novel, but I read "The River" in only five days. That is a record for me! Your writing really grabbed my attention and made me want to continue reading. I'm actually kind of shocked that I could get so much enjoyment out of reading. I want to thank you for that!
Anyways I was wondering if it would be possible to get an autographed bookplate? Or would it be possible to send you my copy of "The River" and have you sign it? I'm not sure how it works, but I could send you a money order or a self addressed stamped envelope if you'd like. Just let me know. I'd truly consider it a great honor to have your autograph!
Thank you!

Anyone who has ever received fan mail before will be able to identify with how this email made me feel. It's one thing to write a novel that adults have embraced, but it's particularly meaningful to me to have written one that inspires teenagers to read--probably because it makes me think of myself as a teen writer dreaming about getting published.

Cliff is one of many teens who have discovered my work in the past few years. A while ago, I blogged about ESC Trillium high school students who used The River and Whale Song as a novel study project this year and last. The first batch of readers wrote me awesome reviews for The River that I also posted here.

And in case anyone's wondering, I feel honored by such fan mail. That anyone would take the time to email me about my novels is hugely rewarding and touching.

Cliff, I am very happy to send you a signed bookplate. I've also added a couple of bookmarks. :-) I am so honored to have written a novel that opened your eyes to the pleasures of reading! And thank you from the bottom of my heart for your email.

Reviews of Lancelot's Lady on

In the comments link and comments for each chapter you'll find some wonderful reviews of Lancelot's Lady, my debut romantic suspense.

Some of my most favorite reviews are:
"Desperate to leave her sordid past behind her Rhianna has found a new job and a new life. At long last she feels like she belongs.When her employer and companion T.J. Lance, gives her a ticket for a six week vacation on a secluded island, in the Bahamas, her life takes on a new and exciting dimension. There she meets the dark haired, dashingly handsome Jonathan. But why is he so reclusive and what secret is he hiding? Will Rhianna ever be able to heal the scares of her tortured past and give herself fully?.......Another brilliantly crafted novel by Cheryl Tardif. This is a beautiful love story rippling with suspense and just the right amount of sensuality. Its great dialogue will sweep you along and its well stocked cast of colorful characters will draw you in and make you feel what they feel." --Emily Ross, aka Pauline Holyoak
"Cheryl Kaye Tardif is the Next NORA ROBERTS/ J.D. Robb. She writes her stories with passion. I can not put her books down. Anyone who loves suspense, drama, and romance will love her books. I can only hope that Ms. Tardif continues to write, she has a wonderful gift with words." --grapie
"You've got that mythical "voice" down to a fine art, both in setting the stage and character dialogue. Well done!" --Jennifer L. Hart
"I can't believe I'm so hooked on this story! I NEVER read this genre, but it's so wonderfully written-I can't help but LOVE this story!" Firen Hendrix
"Another winner, Cheryl!Your work is riveting.It holds on and won't let you go!Your descriptive powers are amazing.You summon up scenes like genies from bottles!" --Susan McLeod
"Lancelot's Lady is bestseller quality and you've created characters we really care about." --Marc T
"This is a fabulous story! I knew I would be hooked. I have been a fan since "Whale Song". You truly have a gift!" --Tamara
"This new novel of yours is awesome, Cher. I love your characters, especially Rhianna and Jonathan. And I guess I love Winston too, although he's such a jerk!! This is a winner in my books." --BunnyS
"Love the characters and the premise of the story --Love the potential heat and intensity of tension of the characters." --Karen Vaughan
"Read the excerpt you have on your site Cheryl, and I couldn't stop reading. Now I want to wait until I can buy Lancelot's Lady." --bmorrison
"I have to tell you that the minute I started reading I couldn't stop.:) I love the whole idea of this story and the characters.Everyone of them. I can't wait to read the rest. Good luck with the story Cheryl. It's excellent." --Carol Luciano/Lucky4750
"Like everything you write your new novel is exciting and suspenseful. You always make me want to read more and your characters seem real." --AliKat
"Still to this day everytime I walk into a bookstore I look to see if they have your books. I loved (and cried) Whale Song and also loved Divine Intervention. Im still on the hunt for The River but I will find it! I really like that you still have some suspense in Lancelots Lady but still have the mushy stuff! I dont think I could handle just the mushy stuff in a whole entire book (BORING) anyways I'm excited to read the nxt book and I'm cheering for you all the way!!!" --Princess Cairo
"On a recommendation from a friend, I looked up your story. I intended just to read a chapter or 2. I am on chapter 38 now and had to force myself to quit so I can get some work done. I look forward to finishing the story!" --AER
"Riveting!!!" --GOT BOOST
"Its nice to find finally find a writer who has a vast dimentions to her writing. From paranormal, to thriller to mystery and more to come, I can't wait to read whats next. Great job Cheryl." --skydiva
"You have a fantastic and unique way of using your words to set the mood and tone of the scene. The reader is immediately pulled into the scene with the character. I enjoyed how you were able to describe almost her whole life story in one small paragraph! It did not take a lot of dialogue between characters. Stated simply we knew alot about her background. I do enjoy your writing style. I enjoy your subjects too! I will have to explore more of your books. I know they will make it to my 'must have' list!" --chloeev
"What a wonderful writer. This is a great story. You can not stop reading it." --nella
"Wonderful novel, easy to read and colorful characters!!!" --graciem
"I do not usually read this type of novel, but once again Cheryl Kaye Tardiff has my attention and the desire to stay up past my bed time." --abigail
"Exceptional characters and intriguing plot. Your writing is magical - I end up in the characters' heads, thinking what they're thinking, seeing what they're seeing. And your descriptions are absolute poetry. I'm hooked!" --Alexis Sinclair
"This is fantastic!! Where do you get these ideas from. I think you'll do fine branching out into romance. You seem like a natural. My favorite of all your novels so far though is Whale Song." --Ashgreen
...and so many more.

You can read these reviews by signing up for a free account at Then click on my title Lancelot's Lady in bottom right box.

And if you'd like to leave me your own review or comment, please do. I love reading them. :-)

Also, if you enjoy reading Lancelot's Lady, feel free to click on the 2 blue circles by my title. This gives me 2 points in the contest.