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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Read an excerpt from Lancelot's Lady

"Another brilliantly crafted novel by Cheryl Tardif. This is a beautiful love story rippling with suspense and just the right amount of sensuality. Its great dialogue will sweep you along and its well stocked cast of colorful characters will draw you in and make you feel what they feel." --Emily Ross, aka Pauline Holyoak

When palliative care nurse Rhianna McLeod is given a birthday gift of a dream holiday to the Bahamas by her dying boss, billionaire JT Lance, Rhianna has no idea that her 'holiday' will include being stranded on a private island with Jonathan, an irritating but irresistibly handsome recluse. Or that she'll fall head over heels for the man.

To live fully in the present, Rhianna must resolve her own murky past, unravel the secret that haunts JT, foil the plans of a sleazy, blackmailing private investigator and help Jonathan find his muse. Only then can Rhianna find the love she's been searching for, and finally become...Lancelot's Lady.


Lancelot's Lady placed as the #3 Semi-Finalist in the Dorchester "Next Best Celler" contest, hosted by Lancelot's Lady was #1 Most Popular for the first 3 months and in the top 3 Most Popular for the following 2 months.

You can read the first few chapters (without having to sign up for anything) on my website: Lancelot's Lady

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