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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Get LANCELOT'S LADY free today til midnight!

Today until midnight PST, you can pick up your free Kindle edition of LANCELOT'S LADY, a romantic suspense by Cherish D'Angelo.

A Bahamas holiday from dying billionaire JT Lance, a man with a dark secret, leads palliative nurse Rhianna McLeod to Jonathan, a man with his own troubled past, and Rhianna finds herself drawn to the handsome recluse, while unbeknownst to her, someone with a horrific plan is hunting her down.

When palliative care nurse Rhianna McLeod is given a gift of a dream holiday to the Bahamas from her dying patient, billionaire JT Lance, Rhianna has no idea that her 'holiday' will include being stranded on a private island with Jonathan, an irritating but irresistibly handsome recluse. Or that she'll fall head over heels for the man.

Jonathan isn't happy to discover a drop-dead gorgeous redhead has invaded his island. But his anger soon turns to attraction. After one failed marriage, he has guarded his heart, but Rhianna's sudden appearance makes him yearn to throw caution to the wind.

To live fully in the present, Rhianna must resolve her own murky past, unravel the secret that haunts JT, foil the plans of a sleazy, blackmailing private investigator and help Jonathan find his muse. Only then can Rhianna find the love she's been searching for, and finally become...Lancelot's Lady.

My KDP Select Experiment

I began experimenting with Amazon's KDP Select program in late January 2012. Since then I have watched my numbers soar, along with my income. Never have I earned so much from my writing!

In 11 months I have earned over $210,000 just from my Kindle ebooks alone.

And I have discovered some marketing techniques that really work. When I consistently follow the same techniques, my income dramatically increases. When I slack off, my numbers decline. I have used the same techniques for the past 9 months.

And my ebook HOW I MADE OVER $42,000 IN 1 MONTH SELLING MY KINDLE EBOOKS unveils every technique I use, plus includes over 110 resources--sites/blogs etc that will help you promote your Select freebies. During the month where I made over $42,000, over $32,000 of that was from ONE single suspense novel.

Many of those who have followed my strategies have seen increased numbers. The ones who haven't seen higher numbers most likely did not use ALL my techniques. I'll be clear here: if you want this to work for you, do everything I did. And that includes advertising your freebies on paid and free sites.

Pick up a copy of my marketing book designed specifically for KDP, giving you all my strategies, lots of tips and lists of resources for advertising your free promotions on Amazon. For only $2.99 you could be earning $200,000+ like I am, just from KDP Select.

How I Made Over $42,000 in 1 Month Selling My Kindle eBooks

If you have conducted your own KDP Select experiment and have shared your stats (positive or negative) on your blog, please leave a link to your blog in the comments. Thank you.

~ Cheryl

Monday, February 20, 2012

WHALE SONG makes Amazon's prestigious Top 100 Bestselling Kindles list

On February 17th, 2012, my critically acclaimed novel WHALE SONG made Amazon's prestigious Top 100 Bestselling (Paid) Kindles list. As of midnight Feb 19th it moved from #98 to #101. Three days in the Top 100 Kindle ebooks--out of hundreds of thousands of ebooks sold on Amazon.

WHALE SONG isn't a stranger to bestsellers lists. It has made multiple Top 100 genre lists on Amazon over the years. It has appeared on bestsellers lists in Canada and the US, making it an international bestseller. It has sold over 5000 copies in Canada, making it a national bestseller here.

Along with a huge surge of sales over the last few days, WHALE SONG has also received some wonderful new reviews. Check out some of these snippets:

"Beautifully and heartfelt - must read - fascinating, read it in one weekend, could hardly put it down. What a story of love, family ties,forgiveness. Written so beautifully that you feel you are part of the story; heartfelt, brought tears to my eyes on my occasions." --Sophia S. Paul

"Great story, I loved the suspense!...It was such a great story!...I finished this in less than 24 hours! Very suspenseful and it kept you reading and wanting more...Also a great book for teenage girls." --MC

"An incredibly beautiful story - I didn't want the story to end...I wanted more. I wanted more about Nana and the Warriors, and Adam and all of the wonderful characters that made this a story...I will want to read it again and again. This is a book for all ages, for anyone who is part of a family, or who has friends, or who doesn't. Read it. Really. Don't wait." --Kathleen Wagner

"A Good Read - I downloaded it yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it! Believable characters, well-paced story, interesting cultural exchanges, human tragedy and triumph. A good read." --Grace L. Tiedman

Pick up your copy of WHALE SONG today. Available in Kindle ebook edition or paperback from Amazon and other retailers.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Help Whale Song get into top 100 kindle bestsellers and be entered to win a Kindle Touch 3G

Want to win a Kindle Touch 3G? If so, keep reading. :-)

As part of my KDP Select Experiment, which will officially be over on February 20th (it'll be 1 month), I enrolled my bestselling novel WHALE SONG and saw over 20,000 free downloads in one day of free promo.

After the free promo was over, I saw a huge surge in sales, plummeting WHALE SONG into the top 300 bestselling kindle ebooks, then the top 200, and now it sits at #146--of ALL kindle ebooks sold on Amazon.

It is outselling works by James Patterson, Diana Gabaldon, Amanda Hocking, John Locke, J.A. Konrath, Lee Goldberg and many other well-known authors.

I am so close to seeing WHALE SONG int the Top 100, a prestigious spot to be in, and so today I'm asking for your help--and I'm willing to put a prize up for grabs to thanks you.

This is how it works:

1. You can earn up to 5 entries in this draw.
2. Tweet one of my messages found on the form via the Read more link below.
3. Tweeting has 2 parts: First click the Tweet button at top right of form (after you've signed in) and send tweet. Then follow the instructions to find the url and copy and paste it into the box, then Enter. Done!

Help WHALE SONG get into the Top 100 overall bestselling Kindles and I'll give away this Kindle Touch 3G. The following form works best with IE browser.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Special - WHALE SONG - FREE KINDLE eBOOK - Feb 14th & 15th

This year I wanted to do something special to celebrate Valentine's Day, so I decided I will give away what I've always called "my heart book"--WHALE SONG.

I call it my heart book because it was my first published book and the story I am most emotionally connected to of all my titles. To say I "love" this book is an understatement. :-)

So today on Valentine's Day I'll share my love.

This international bestseller, which has received much movie interest, is FREE on Amazon TODAY & TOMORROW only.


A "compelling" story of family ties, love, tragedy, sacrifice and transformation that will change the way you view life...and death.

Thirteen years ago, Sarah Richardson’s life was shattered after the tragic death of her mother. The shocking event left a grief-stricken teen-aged Sarah with partial amnesia.

Some things are easier to forget.

But now a familiar voice from her childhood sends Sarah, a talented mid-twenties ad exec, back to her past. A past that she had thought was long buried.

Some things are meant to be buried.

Torn by nightmares and visions of a yellow-eyed wolf and aided by creatures of the Earth and killer whales that call to her in the night, Sarah must face her fears and recover her memories―even if it destroys her.

Some things are meant to be remembered―at all cost.


“I read Whale Song and loved it.” ―Jodelle Ferland, actress (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Case 39)

“Tardif’s story has that perennially crowd-pleasing combination of sweet and sad that so often propels popular commercial fiction…Tardif, already a big hit in Canada…a name to reckon with south of the border.” ―Booklist

Whale Song is deep and true, a compelling story of love and family and the mysteries of the human heart...a beautiful, haunting novel.” ―NY Times bestselling novelist Luanne Rice, author of Beach Girls

“A wonderfully well-written novel. Wonderful characters [that] shine. The settings are exquisitely described. The writing is lyrical. Whale Song would make a wonderful movie.” ―Writer’s Digest

Whale Song is reminiscent of Ring of Endless Light by M. L’Engle, and Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd.” ―Carol D. O’Dell, author of Mothering Mother

“One doesn’t simply read a Tardif story, one experiences it! Among the very few authors I’ve ever said that about is my all-time favorite Pat Conroy. Like him, Cheryl Kaye Tardif has a definite way with words.” ―Betty Dravis, co-author of Dream Reachers I & II.

“Tardif leaves a lasting mark on her readers…Moving and irresistible.” ―Midwest Book Review

Pick up your FREE Kindle copy of WHALE SONG today. You can read it on your Kindle ereader, smartphone, tablet with the Kindle app, PC or laptop.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

THE RIVER television series and the bestselling thriller THE RIVER by Cheryl Kaye tardif

I'm really anticipating the new ABC television series, THE RIVER. Why? Because I love a thrilling adventure and because it is very close in plot to my bestselling technothriller by the same name. I've watched the trailer, read the synopsis and found the plotin this series to be compelling and suspenseful. I can't wait to see what happens.

Here's part of ABC's official press release:
"The River" follows the story of wildlife expert and TV personality Emmet Cole. Emmet set course around the world with his wife, Tess, and son, Lincoln, while filming what would become one of the most popular shows in television. After he goes missing deep in the Amazon, his family, friends and crew set out on a mysterious and deadly journey to find him. Famed explorer Dr. Emmet Cole (Bruce Greenwood) went looking for magic deep in the uncharted Amazon and never returned. The shocking truth about his disappearance is out there, somewhere, just waiting to be discovered. 
To the millions of kids who grew up watching his nature show, Dr. Cole was a hero. To his own son, Lincoln (Joe Anderson), he was more of an enigma. Now, six months after he vanished, Lincoln is finally ready to bury the past when Dr. Cole's emergency beacon suddenly goes off. 
At the urging of his mother, Tess (Leslie Hope), Lincoln reluctantly joins her on a search for his father. To fund the rescue, they agree to let Dr. Cole's cagey ex-producer, Clark (Paul Blackthorne), film the mission documentary-style. The mixed crew of old friends and new acquaintances includes the sexy and resourceful Lena (Eloise Mumford), loyal mechanic Emilio (Daniel Zacapa) and lethal bodyguard Captain Kurt Brynildson (Thomas Kretschmann).
Check out the trailer:

In celebration of this new TV series--even though I have absolutely nothing to do with it and it's NOT based on my novel--I will be giving away copies of my thriller THE RIVER on Amazon tomorrow.

You can download a free copy of my bestselling thriller THE RIVER tonight after midnight and up to tomorrow, February 8th, until about midnight.

You can read this on your PC, laptop, smartphone, Kindle ereader or any other device that allows you to download the Kindle app. If you read and enjoy my novel, please consider leaving a short review on Amazon as this really helps other readers decide if it's for them. Thank you.