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Monday, February 20, 2012

WHALE SONG makes Amazon's prestigious Top 100 Bestselling Kindles list

On February 17th, 2012, my critically acclaimed novel WHALE SONG made Amazon's prestigious Top 100 Bestselling (Paid) Kindles list. As of midnight Feb 19th it moved from #98 to #101. Three days in the Top 100 Kindle ebooks--out of hundreds of thousands of ebooks sold on Amazon.

WHALE SONG isn't a stranger to bestsellers lists. It has made multiple Top 100 genre lists on Amazon over the years. It has appeared on bestsellers lists in Canada and the US, making it an international bestseller. It has sold over 5000 copies in Canada, making it a national bestseller here.

Along with a huge surge of sales over the last few days, WHALE SONG has also received some wonderful new reviews. Check out some of these snippets:

"Beautifully and heartfelt - must read - fascinating, read it in one weekend, could hardly put it down. What a story of love, family ties,forgiveness. Written so beautifully that you feel you are part of the story; heartfelt, brought tears to my eyes on my occasions." --Sophia S. Paul

"Great story, I loved the suspense!...It was such a great story!...I finished this in less than 24 hours! Very suspenseful and it kept you reading and wanting more...Also a great book for teenage girls." --MC

"An incredibly beautiful story - I didn't want the story to end...I wanted more. I wanted more about Nana and the Warriors, and Adam and all of the wonderful characters that made this a story...I will want to read it again and again. This is a book for all ages, for anyone who is part of a family, or who has friends, or who doesn't. Read it. Really. Don't wait." --Kathleen Wagner

"A Good Read - I downloaded it yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it! Believable characters, well-paced story, interesting cultural exchanges, human tragedy and triumph. A good read." --Grace L. Tiedman

Pick up your copy of WHALE SONG today. Available in Kindle ebook edition or paperback from Amazon and other retailers.


Shiann said...

This book was really good. I have recommended it to many in just a few days. I read it while driving (my Kindle read it to me) and I wanted to stay in the car and not get out!

Cheryl Tardif said...

Hi Shiann,

Thank you so much for letting me know you enjoyed Whale Song. I love hearing from readers. It makes my day! :-)

I did have a small heart attack when I read that you were reading it while driving...until I read the part in brackets. hehe. WHEW! How cool that ereaders now read to us. And extremely cool that you were into the story THIS much!

If you have time and wouldn't mind, I could really use more reviews of Whale Song on Amazon. I'd love it if you even copied and pasted this into a review there.

Cheers and happy reading/driving!