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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon lowers Kindle ereader prices and introduces new Kindle ereaders

Amazon has announced 4 new Kindle products, and you'll be happy to see that part of the "new" is a LOWER price. Finally, we have Kindle ereaders for under $100, just as many (including me) have been predicting. And what perfect timing--just in time for early Christmas shoppers.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A publisher speaks out about the new Amazon Kindle library program

With the news release about the new library program that supplies Amazon Kindle ebooks to public and school library patrons comes the obvious question the many authors are asking: How the heck do I get paid if they're giving away my ebooks?

This is what I was told:

Only ebooks distributed through OverDrive will be available as library books for this program. As there are other benefits to being distributed by OverDrive, I've tried applying to them twice in the past year or so and was turned down both times—most likely because all the books published at the time were my own, which is no longer the case as my company Imajin Books now publishes other authors and operates much like a regular traditional publisher.

If your books are carried by OverDrive, your books are then available for this new library program. Currently this only applies to US public and school libraries.

It’s my understanding that once you've been accepted by OverDrive, they would pay either the publisher or independent author. But I'm still unclear as to how they operate. Do they only loan out an ebook one at a time and wait for it to be returned before it's loaned out again? Or are they sending out an ebook multiple times?

As an author and publisher, this program raises some red flags for me. And I'm not sure it's a bad thing that we aren't using OverDrive. I want my authors to be paid for their works. I want to be paid for mine too. And our publishing company relies on sales--not giving away our products.

I'm not alone. 

Macmillan and Simon & Schuster are not supplying ebooks to this library program, as the New York Times reported. Adam Rothberg, a spokesperson for Simon & Schuster states, "We haven’t yet found a business model with which we are comfortable and that we feel properly addresses the long-term interests of our authors."

I feel the way Rothberg does. Some of our ebooks ARE  currently available via, but not through this latest library program, and I'm not sure there is any advantage to Imajin Books or our authors to get involved. We work far too hard on these ebooks; we just can't be expected to provide unlimited content for free.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Whale Song wins KBR Bestseller Award

A couple of days ago I was notified that my bestselling novel Whale Song was a finalist in the Kindle Book Review Awards. This is what the awards are all about:

"The Indie Awards is all about honoring indie authors who have written exceptional fiction, have worked hard to get their work out there, and who are getting great reviews. There are 10 finalists chosen from our previous "Picks of the Day" and there will be 5 winners. Best of all, the KBR will have some great prizes for these talented authors, like a complete editing package for their next book, a publicity package, proofreading, and announcements at The Pub Write Group and Digital Book Today."

Out of the 10 finalist, 5 prizes were awarded:
First Place: The KBR Literary Excellence Award
Second Place: The KBR Mover & Shaker Award
Third Place: The KBR Bestseller Award
and a Fourth Place and Fifth Place Award

I was honored to be in the finals, and even more honored to have Whale Song pick up Third Place. This is what was said about Whale Song winning the KBR Bestseller Award: "Cheryl gets this award because Whale Song is the veteran of the bunch. First published in 2003, this book was collecting rave reviews long before the ebook revolution and still continues to do so today!"

Thank you to Kindle Book Review.

Whale Song is available in English in ebook and paperback at your favorite online retailer, includingAmazon, Kobo Books, B&N, Smashwords and more. Ask your bookstore to bring it in.

Whale Song in translation for Chinese and German markets

I just realized that I hadn't actually announced that I have two translation rights deals for Whale Song.

First, I've signed a deal with a Chinese company and an ebook edition will be in translation in a few months. There's also a possibility that there may be a Chinese print edition later. Over the next few months, I'll be assisting in the translation by explaining parts of the novel to the translators.

I also have another deal in place for a German translation of Whale Song. It will be published in ebook and trade paperback edition. This is especially exciting as Amazon has recently opened their Germany site to ebooks.

Of course, with both editions this will mean new book covers, which I'll post here as soon as I have them.

Whale Song is available in English in ebook and paperback at your favorite online retailer, including Amazon, Kobo Books, B&N, Smashwords and more. Ask your bookstore to bring it in.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today on The Russell Show: Children of the Fog

What would you do if a kidnapper told you you had 10 seconds to make a decision: let him take your child, or watch your son die?

A special thank you to my friend Russell Brooks for always being so enthusiastic about my books. Check out his narration from my bestselling supernatural thriller, CHILDREN OF THE FOG.

CHILDREN OF THE FOG is available at Amazon, SmashwordsBarnes and Noble and more.

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Do you know Mary Higginson?

There's not a lot about school that I liked when I was a kid, but over those years, there were a couple of teachers that made a definite impact on my life. One of them was Mary Higginson. Do you know her?

Mary Higginson was my English teacher at Bermuda High School for Girls when I lived in Bermuda for three glorious years. She was from the UK somewhere. She was kind, pleasant and always encouraging. She recognized my love for writing and encouraged me to "grow" it.

When she found out I was going through some teen/parent conflicts, she said, "Why don't you start writing in a diary, Cheryl? It might help you."

I hadn't thought about that before.

I mentioned this to my best friend.

"You should do what Mrs. Higginson suggested," she said.

"But what if my mom or dad find my diary?"

"Hide it between your mattresses. That's what I do."

It's probably what every teen does. But I did it anyway.

I hid the tiny key in my jewelry box. Does every girl do that too?

I wrote about the arguments with my mom, and how much my dad annoyed me. You know, all the normal teenage angst stuff. Every now and then when I was bored, I'd write a poem in my diary. Sometimes I'd write short stories.

When Mrs. Higginson assigned us story writing, I was in my glory. I wrote my heart out and created characters that made me laugh. Sometimes they made me cry. When I handed in my assignments, I would wait with bated breath for my teacher's reaction.

One day, she said to the class, "Let me read you a story."

I don't recall the story title or even the plot. All I know is that it was mine.

She praised my writing in front of the class and told me that one day I'd be a great writer.

I'm not sure I have the "great" part down yet--I'll leave that up to my idol, Stephen King--but I AM a writer. And Mrs. Higginson was responsible for part of my creation. Without her encouragement, I'd never have known my words could have impact and meaning to others.

So now my search is on. Mary Higginson, where are you???

Do you know a Mary Higginson? If so, please have her contact me through my site or blog.

I have contacted the school, but they have no current info. I dream of the day when I can give her one of my novels and tell her how grateful I will always be. Teachers never get enough credit. She took a depressed teenager and helped turn her into a dreamer, who then went on to achieve her dreams.

Mary Higginson, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif
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