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Sunday, January 04, 2009

San Francisco, here I come!

This February I'll be heading to San Francisco for an intensive 3-day seminar that is going to "explode" my career as a writer. Not blow it up into bits, but expand me into possibilities that will enable me to keep doing what I love--writing fiction!

My husband Marc will be traveling with me as usual. He likes to call himself my "bodyguard". Maybe I should make him wear a suit and dark shades.

Neither of us have been to San Francisco before so we're very excited. We'll be staying at the Best Western Tuscan, which from the website looks beautiful, inviting and very elegant. I'll be writing about my stay there after I get back. I'm hoping it'll be a hotel I'll want to go back to.

While in San Francisco, I may be doing a book signing. This isn't confirmed yet. There are a few things I need to work out first, like whether Whale Song will still be available. Some of you know that my publisher announced to me that it will be going out of print soon, but I'm hoping it'll still be available throughout February. I've already made a media contact in San Francisco who has said they'd probably do a write up about me in the newspaper if I do an event there.

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

If you live in San Francisco, please leave me a comment about your favorite bookstore, preferably one that like having international authors in. I could use some referrals since I don't know the city.

Whale Song would be perfect for San Franciscans. It's an ocean story for ocean souls. It takes place on an island on the Pacific coast (BC) and explores family bonds, native legends, the beauty of killer whales and life and loss. If you haven't read Whale Song, pick up your copy right away, while it's still available.

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif,

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