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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Calling all Cheryl Kaye Tardif fans! I need your help!

I am on a campaign to get on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (remember my previous post?) A good friend of mine suggested I ask my fans and author friends for help. So I am.

I've emailed Craig Ferguson via the show's website plus the email addy they give during the show. I'd like to be a guest and maybe arrange for free books for the audience. I recently blogged about this dream of mine and listed the Top 10 Reasons why he should invite me to be a guest. :)

This is my request from you all:
Please read my blog post and send Craig Ferguson an email suggesting he gets me on the show. Some of my author friends have already done this. (Thanks!!!)

I'll actually be in San Francisco in mid-Feb and if I needed to I could extend my trip and head out to LA. If you haven't seen The Late Late Show, I can tell you that Craig is a wacky Scot. So am I (partially). I also have a naughty sense of humor. That makes me the perfect guest. :)

Anyways, please email Craig, suggest they get me on, and I'll be a very happy author.

"Dare to Dream...and Dream BIG!" That's always been my motto.

Click on the post below to read why I should be a guest on The Late Late Show, then email Craig and tell him why you think I'd make a good guest. When in doubt, mention any of my top 10 reasons. :)

Update 1: Cheryl's "Craig Ferguson Campaign" grows
Update 2: Whale Song heads to CBS

Thank you all!

Cheryl Kaye Tardif

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