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Thursday, June 05, 2014

ATTENTION: Solve a Book Crime Being Committed

Tonight, help me welcome talented author, Jesse Giles Christiansen, whose new release, CAPTAIN SHELBY, is releasing later this fall. In the meantime, Jesse invites you to become a video and book star. Jesse, thank you for being a guest here on The Suspense is Killing Me. Take it away...

As you read this, thousands of readers are missing out on the opportunity to have their profile pictures appear both in a rock video and inside a published book. I know, it is a heinous crime indeed!

What is the crime?

The crime is regret. The Facebook event involved in this crime, open to the public, June 10th, may be one of the most unique events held in recent years. It’s far more than just huge prizes and fun activities, it comes with the chance to one day in the future, bring your fellow bibliophiles over to your grinning bookshelf and say, “I have a very unique collector’s item; I have a book by a rising author with my picture in the back. Check it out!”

How do I solve the crime?

Like all good detectives, it is paramount that you investigate the event thoroughly to see if there is any evidence leading to the crime. Every detective that joins the event, upon investigation, will reduce the occurrence of the crime by 2%. Once the event reaches 500 guests (currently at 306), the crime will be well on its way to being solved; 500 avid readers will have their pictures in the back of the prequel to the number one list bestseller, PELICAN BAY, entitled CAPTAIN SHELBY, coming out soon.  

How do I report the crime?

Once you join the event, you’ll notice that one of the big prizes is signed paperbacks for life from the author hosting the event. The person who invites the most friends will receive this prize. By inviting your book nerd friends, you are reporting the crime and thereby preventing it from being spread in the future. You can make a difference!

Who is the author?

Jesse Giles Christiansen is an American writer from Miami, Fl. who grew up playing in and around the ocean, now constantly enamored with the sea. He’s the author of PELICAN BAY published by Imajin Books, Amazon #1 bestseller in sea adventures, outselling OLD MAN AND THE SEA by Hemingway.

Can I Make a Civil Arrest?

Yes! You can make a civil arrest by telling anyone who refuses to go about the regret they may face in the future. You may also tell them about the importance of supporting rising authors in their literary community to help reduce this crime all around the world.

What if I’m Not Available on June 10th?

This is a Facebook online event. All that is required is that you log into the Internet from anywhere in the world and stop by for a few minutes. And if you can’t do that, just be sure to fulfill the basic requirement for being in the video and book sometime during the day of June 10th. Simply buy or gift PELICAN BAY for only .99 cents and post via Amazon that you did (on Facebook or Twitter). Very low price for immortality, don’t you agree? These days, sodas often cost more than that!

Sign me up!

Thank you! See you there!

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