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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Amazon Reviewer Giveaway: Review one of my ebooks and receive Children of the Fog (ebook) FREE


From now until March 15th, 2011, I'm holding a special

Reviewers who qualify will receive a free ebook of my March 2011 supernatural thriller, Children of the Fog.

To qualify, please follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Write a review for any of my 6 titles (ebook or paperback) listed on (Whale Song, Lancelot's Lady, Skeletons in the Closet & Other Creepy Stories, Remote Control, Divine Intervention and The River). I am only interested in HONEST reviews, so if you believe one of my novels warrants one star, please write the review accordingly--and do tell me why. I always strive to make each work better than the last.

2. Post your review on between today and March 15th.

3. Send an email via my website to let me know you've reviewed one of my books and posted it to

As long as your review shows up on and you've sent me the email by March 15th, I will send you Children of the Fog (ebook). Free ebooks will be awarded to ALL reviewers who qualify, and will be awarded by the end of March. Reviews posted before January 27th do not qualify.

Why am I holding this giveaway?
As an author, the more reviews my books have posted to Amazon or any other retailer that allows reviews,  the more readers will check out my books. I know that most readers read for enjoyment, not to write reviews. So if I'm going to ask for a favor, I am willing to reward you because I appreciate the time it takes to write even a short review. So in advance, my sincere gratitude for those who are inspired to post a review. Thank you.

*If you'd like to post this on your blog or website, please do. All I ask is that you keep it as is. TY! ~Cheryl


Chynna said...

OH! How exciting! I'd love to read 'Children of the Fog"! I'll get right on this. =)

(BTW: I 'tweeted' this and will share on FB too.)


Cheryl Tardif said...

Chynna, thank you so much for your enthusiasm! lol I barely had this post published when your comment appeared. hehe

I would appreciate any assistance in spreading the word about this. Feel free to post this entire post to your blog, if you'd like.

Thanks so much!


Chynna said...

LOL! I know. It just worked out that way. I was online when you posted so I saw it right away. =)

Can't wait to read it! Let me know if I can do a review or something on my blog. Would love to help out.


Cheryl Tardif said...

Yes, you're more than welcome to post reviews of my work on your blog. Let me know the link and I'll drop by. I often ask permission to quote bits from reviews to post on my site/blog.

If you do a review for this giveaway and then read Children of the Fog and want to review it too that would be awesome.

I received your email. I'd love to be a guest on your blog. How about when COF comes out I drop by? That should be sometime around March 15th. :-)


desitheblonde said...

you can count me in if you like them go to my good read and face book and i have authors on night owls that i have review and like them

Cheryl Tardif said...

Hey Desi, just remember to follow the rules so that I can give you the copy of Children of the Fog.

Amazon Reviewer Giveaway rules