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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Whale Song: "a very touching/heart warming book"

Here is the last critique or book review I received from a student at ESC Trillium. Robyn's class studied Whale Song for their English novel study.
After I read Whale Song in my grade 11 class let me tell you that it wasn’t what I expected at all. I believe it was an appropriate time to read this book because my age group is probably the most difficult time for anyone, even though any age could read this book. Honestly the cover made it seem like the book wouldn’t of been what it turned out to be. It was a very interesting book. 
You know how some books you need to read a few chapters before it to starts to get interesting? Well Whale Song caught my attention the second I started reading it. I just loved the fact one of the main points was about native legends. I would recommend this book to the people who are able to read. I think anyone would like this book because it’s about situations that everyone can go through. 
From someone who just wants to read a book to pass time or someone that’s going through a difficult time, it’s a good option. By reading this you can learn a variety of things such as the native culture and their legends, bullying, killer whales, etc. This novel is a very touching/heart warming book so before I strongly suggest anyone to read it I warn you that you might cry. More than once. --Robyn                                    
Robyn, I really appreciate your review and your warning to readers. I agree; they may need a small box of Kleenex when reading. ;-)

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