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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guest blog: Author James M Turner talks about his latest book, Beyond the Comfort Zone

Today I'd like to welcome author and screenplay writer James M Turner to talk about his latest book 'Beyond the Comfort Zone'.

Hi Cheryl and thanks for inviting me here to talk about my book.

James, can you explain a little about what your book is about?

Beyond the Comfort Zone is a memoir, eighty percent of which takes place in Asia. Having enjoyed a career as a professional musician for the rich and famous, in 2002 I moved to south east Asia where I eventually became aware of the child trafficking trade. Together with an acquaintance and the help of a US organization we attempt to gain the confidence of the traffickers and bring them to justice – saving the cargo in the process. There is a little bit in there about those wild and crazy days travelling the world as a high paid musician, but this is really just a backstory that makes the subsequent adventure in Asia all the more remarkable.

It's a tale that follows two young men trying to do the right thing and in the process nearly losing themselves as they spiral downwards into a shadowy world where human lives, at least their lives, are worth nothing. There is danger, intrigue, high emotion and a fragile love story woven together in what one reviewer called ' an exceptional journey ...the making of a Hollywood blockbuster, in short a Shantaram for South East Asia.'

What is the essence of this story?

The essence of 'Beyond the Comfort Zone' can probably be summed by this extract from the dust jacket.

"Beyond The Comfort Zone is the remarkable true story of one man's extraordinary journey, from the stages of the world to the jungles of south-east Asia. As one of the UK's premier session musicians James M Turner led a life most only dream about, playing Saxophone with some of the world's best selling artists and travelling the globe performing to legions of adoring fans. So, as he stood on stage at Wembley Stadium, raised his Sax and 70,000 people screamed into the night air, he could have been forgiven for thinking that his life would always be this way. A few short years later however he would find himself deep in The Golden Triangle, fighting for his sanity and survival as he attempts to infiltrate and capture those engaged in the tearful trade of Human Trafficking."

It's very gratifying that reviewers and reader have picked up on the fiction like narrative as although it is a true story it does read like a good novel. Sometimes, real life can be a lot stranger than fiction.

Amazon, both US and UK editions, has BTCZ with only 5 star reviews. That must be very humbling. Why do you think it's done so well with reviewers?

It is very humbling indeed that people would take the time to do that. I also receive a lot of email from overseas. I think the book is resonating with people because, of course, the subject matter tugs the heartstrings. But also this is a very heartfelt account of two young men who almost lose themselves in the chaos of this world they have entered. Entered with the intention of doing the right thing.

Please share some reviews with us.
"Will grip you from start to finish. If you’re looking for a unique read, full of interest, intrigue, danger, and high emotion, then this is the book for you."
"His exceptional journey is the making of a Hollywood blockbuster and at times I had to remind myself that it’s a true story....[...] ...Turner’s dialogue leaps off the page."

A selection from Amazon – 100% 5 Star reviews:

"If you like to read a book that grips you from start to finish buy this book!"

"Beyond The Comfort Zone is among the best, and certainly the most engrossing, non-fiction books I have read in a long time. One of the strongest compliments I can pay is that while being entirely believable and hyperbole-free, it reads like fiction, and tightly written, exciting fiction at that. [...]..a superb read"

"I could have been following characters in a good novel rather than real people. I was gripped to the end and disappointed when it finished. Roll on a sequel!"

"Without wishing to give the story away, I will just say that this is a superbly crafted book and awesome memoir that will take your nerves right to the wire."

About James:

James M Turner is an author, composer, musician and screenwriter. Having had a successful career as a highly paid professional musician, he now works in the film industry. His first T.V. series screenplay, working title 'The Taker' is currently in development and will hopefully move into production later in 2010.

Read more about the author at James M

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