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Friday, April 02, 2010

EHM: Coventry Edition - Day 61 A roof & windows

It's Day 61 of my Extreme Home Makeover: Coventry Edition, the unofficial name of the building of my new home by Coventry Homes in Edmonton, AB. Though we did have more snow a week ago, most has melted. Thankfully the spring rains haven't come yet--a good thing since most of the roof is on but there are still some openings.

In two months, my home is starting to become recognizable, though there have been some surprises. On paper, the house looked to have a decent amount of space between the right corner of the garage and the city fence. This is the space we need to be able to get to our front door. It's a bit tight! We're considering asking the city if we can remove the last 2-3 panels of the fence. Don't know if they'll do it or not, but it sure would make life easier.

Luckily, the garage has a door into the house. It leads to an open hallway that goes both straight and to the right, which will give us the room we need to move our furniture into the various rooms.

The windows have been installed on the entire main floor. What I love are the windows in my dining nook, and the sliding glass door that will lead out onto the deck, where our hot tub will sit. These windows are tall and large and I'll have beautiful morning sunlight in my dining & kitchen area. I love the morning light.

The front door is also in. There's a window at the top of the door and another one above the door as well. My office window looks out onto the front porch. Not my ideal view, but it'll work for me. I like to have natural light in my office during the day.

The basement windows aren't in yet and there's a lot of work to do inside the house. A staircase has been built to the basement level but right now I have rocks down there. Soon, they'll be adding the floor. Then they'll be framing the basement rooms.

For now, I'll be content in the nice home we're renting. We sold our old house just over a week ago. We had a week to find a place to live and move. It's been crazy busy with packing, moving and unpacking, along with cleaning the old house. I also visited some of my old neighbors to say goodbye and thanked them for being so wonderful. I still have a few others to see. Of course, we haven't moved far so I expect I'll see them around.

Here's Chai, our 2-year-old Pomeranian, claiming her space in the rental. Doesn't she look like quite the princess? Her full name is "Venti Chai Tea Latte With Two Shots of Cinnamon Dulce". I named her after my favorite Starbucks drink.

Ok, not really. Her name is Chai-Chan. Wherever I go, Chai follows.

And this ends Day 61 of my Extreme Home Makeover: Coventry Edition. If you're considering building a new home in Edmonton, I highly recommend Coventry Homes.

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