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Friday, December 07, 2007

Divine Intervention and The River -- favorites of Honourable Gene Zwozdesky

Tonight my husband Marc and I attended a Christmas party, hosted by the Honourable Gene Zwozdesky, Associate Minister of Capital Planning, Deputy Government House Leader and MLA - Edmonton Mill Creek.

Gene and I met a few years ago when I was searching for ways to improve Edmonton's (and Alberta's) publishing options for writers. Since then, he has been a huge supporter of my work. In an interview in an Edmonton newspaper, Gene mentions my suspense novel Divine Intervention as one of his favorite reads. Tonight he told me and others how much he enjoyed The River too.

I was very surprised to see a table set up with door prizes, and on it a copy of Divine Intervention. I immediately sent my husband out to the car (yes, he is wonderful!) to get a copy of Whale Song and The River. He came back with the latter. It seems that somehow I had forgotten to stock up my plastic bin with Whale Song. (What the heck was I thinking??!!)

During the door prize giveaways and with a crowd of nearly 1000 people, I was honored to receive a lovely introduction and endorsement by Gene right before he gave away my books. Thank you also to Charlie--one of the winners--who came up to me afterward and asked me to sign his prize.

We also met Gene's lovely wife Christine and spoke with Denis Tardif (no relation to least we don't think so. :)

Two of our tablemates were Arturo and Carmen, a wonderful couple. Arturo is the editor of a Spanish newspaper. Hmmm...imagine that...imagine me sitting next to a newspaper editor. :) I believe I'll be featured in Arturo's newspaper. I might not be able to understand let's hope it's all good.

And Marc and I met with Mayor Stephen Mandel. We discussed briefly the sad situation of some of the residents of Edmonton's downtown east. I think I need to have coffee with the mayor one day.

And all of this "schmoozing" after a successful book signing at Southgate Coles in Edmonton, where I met so many wonderful people, including the ever sweet Nahid, who has bought more books from me than almost anyone else I know--except Joe Li from Joe Li Tutoring and my mother-in-law!

Well, I am tired now and my husband is calling. It seems the hot tub is ready. So I'm going to go and soak for a while. It's about minus 16 outside, with a nice layer of snow and some stars in the sky. Perfect hot tubbing weather...

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