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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

BE the Magnet!

For any of you who have read The Secret or attended a T. Harv Eker seminar, or one of the many other motivational, inspirational gurus out there, you'll find a common thread. They generally believe that if you think positively, visualize what you want, go after it and open yourself to becoming successful, that all things are possible.

I have to agree. The more conscious I am of being a "magnet", the more success and opportunities are drawn to me. Some even 'fall in my lap', seemingly from out of nowhere. Synchronicity and Serendipity are my 'sisters'.

Last night, for instance, I received an email from out of the blue from someone who wants to review Whale Song and talk about my emotional novel on a Toronto Italian radio station with over 500,000 listeners. How exciting! Now all I need is a translator! :)

Then this morning, I received an email from a gal who had bought a copy of Whale Song at a recent signing. Now she wants another copy of Whale Song and 2 each of my other novels (The River and Divine Intervention). I am very honored to have made a new fan. My fans are blessings!

Later today, I received an invitation to be a guest blogger on another site, to talk about Whale Song and how the inspiration came to me. I'll send out the link to that once it's up.

But the highlight of my day was chatting with various film producers, people in the film industry and learning a bit about the contract side of how a film is made. Then I started negotiating the film contract for The River, a fast-paced thriller set in the Nahanni River area. I feel very positive that we will come to an agreement. And I received an email from a lovely native singer-songwriter who is interested in getting involved with the film. I love her music and I just heard her in a movie sound track. What an awesome contact to have!

I invite anyone who has read The River to comment here. Please give me your thoughts on a movie version of my novel. Would you go see it? Why would The River make a great movie? What Canadian actors do you see playing the 2 lead roles--Del and Jake? What American actors do you see? Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

If you want to see success in your life, I suggest you do what I do:
BE the magnet!

Envision yourself as one magnetizing power source that all great things are drawn to. Keep focused on your goals. Visualize them, their fulfillment. What will it be like when you reach your goal? What can you see, hear, feel, taste, smell? When you can see this in your mind as clear as a memory, you can bring it into reality--magnetize it.

For me, I see a huge theatre, the screen framed by plush red velvet curtains. The River is playing and we're at the chase scene. I can hear suspenseful music--tribal drums--beating faster as Del runs. I hear her screams, feel her terror. I can feel the sweaty, slippery cup of ice tea in my hand and I smell the popcorn in the bag on my lap. Crunch! Yum, extra butter!

Now the movie is over and people are talking.

"That was awesome!" someone says.

I smile.

It will be.


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