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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

An Eagle for Jason

Well, I made it through the roughest month! I can't believe I did. January was a month I've been dreading since probably November. This is the month with nothing but bittersweet reminders of my youngest brother's murder, and it's been really hard.

January 7th was the memorial held in Edmonton for all the people who had died in Edmonton over the past year, those who had lived in the inner city--and my brother Jason was one of them.

January 15th was Jay's birthday. He would have been 29 this year. Just a baby. Always a baby. Forever my baby.

January 23rd was the 1 year anniversary of his murder. A year ago, Jason Kaye was found beaten in a dark alley in downtown east. He was Edmonton's third homicide of 2006, a year that ended up being one of our deadliest.

Today, well, yesterday now since it's 1:30 in the AM, I spoke with my mother in Vancouver, my dad in Victoria and my other brother Derek in Trenton. We've all been feeling the burden and stress of this month. Of our memories.

But then my dad shared a story today that made me smile. If you go on Jason's website, you can read how he and my dad used to watch for bald eagles, and how my dad saw some soaring overhead just after Jason's death last year. This was unusual because he no longer lives in an area that sees them often.

Well, today when my dad got home from work, and just before I called him, he was standing outside, visiting the hummingbirds that usually would be gone but haven't left for about a year. He was thinking of Jason...remembering.

My dad looked up...and what did he see?

One lone bald eagle soaring high above the house. And then it disappeared.

There is no was Jason, coming to say he remembers too.


I have remembered Jason in a very special way. I have dedicated Whale Song to him...and 5% of my royalties will go each to three inner city organizations to help those less fortunate.

Order your copy of Whale Song now and become part of something greater.

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