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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Can ‘Dr. Death’, a.k.a. Jack Kevorkian, Keep His Resolution Not to Assist in Deaths?

Since Whale Song has a strong controversial element, the topic of assisted suicide, I'be been doing some research on the subject...

In five months, the infamous ‘Dr. Death’ will be released from prison and will be on probation for two years, where Jack Kevorkian will be closely monitored and expected to fulfill his promise to the court to not participate in any way in any assisted suicide. Kevorkian has claimed responsibility in assisting at least 130 deaths in the United States.

For eight years, the 78-year-old retired pathologist has been imprisoned for his crimes in the Lakeland Correctional Facility in Coldwater, Michigan. According to prison authorities, his defiance and flagrantly vocal disregard for the law have changed and he no longer spouts contempt for society and the legal system. Kevorkian now says that he should have worked to change the system legally.

In April 1999, just prior to being convicted, Kevorkian told Jack Lessenberry, ombudsman for The Blade, “Now I’ve got them where I want them.” His revolutionary statements to the public and media, and his obvious disdain for the laws have made his name synonymous with assisted suicide. At one time, he was one of the most famous US personalities.

Dr. Death’s reign began in June 1990 with the assisted suicide of ...

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