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Friday, June 10, 2005

Welcome to Cheryl Kaye Tardif's Mystery Blog!

This is my new, improved blog....and it'll probably prove to be as much a mystery to me as it will be to you.

I am hoping to add new blog posts every Monday to fill you in on what I'm writing, what I'm doing other than writing, where I'll be signing books, my newest release, and anything else that escapes the 'mystery' that I call my brain.

Please be sure to check out my new improved website at sometime after June 27th, as it is completely being overhauled.

Someone mentioned to me awhile ago that for a mystery writer, my website looked a little too friendly.

So, I figured it's best to correct that now, right before the launch of my newest thriller.

The River is now set to be released sometime in September. The date had to be pushed back a bit because I am doing everything to make this my BEST novel to date! And I hope you'll agree!

The River is an action-packed techno-thriller that takes place on the Nahanni River in Canada's Northwest Territories. Based on actual stories of headless corpses and bodies washed up on the Nahanni's shores (along with some mysterious disappearances), The River gives a gruesome, nail-biting explanation to an area some refer to as Canada's Bermuda Triangle.

Check out The River at

Also, please check out Whale Song, my debut novel which has captured the hearts of people of all ages in many countries. Whale Song is currently being considered by a film producer and a screenplay is in construction.

Whale Song is an emotional mystery about a young girl who loses her memory after a terrible tragedy changes her life forever.

And you can check out the first in my Divine series that has been compared to J.D. Robb's 'In Death' series. J.D. Robb, as some of you will know, is Nora Roberts' pen name, so to be at all compared to her is a huge honor!

Divine Intervention introduces a new kind of government agency, the PSI division. These psychic agents work secretly to solve serial cases across Canada and in other countries. Jasmine McLellan is one the key agents, a pyro-pschic who can read the remnants of a fire and see through the arsonist's eyes.

Check out Divine Intervention, a scorching psi-fi mystery with a burning twist!

If you love a good mystery, I invite you to check out my novels and my website!

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif, Canadian Mystery Author
Edmonton, Alberta

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