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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ResQMe rescue key chain & SUBMERGED

While conducting research for my new thriller, SUBMERGED, I came across a special tool used by rescue workers in North America, and I knew it had to be part of my story. So I contacted the company, explained that I wanted to know exactly how the ResQMe device worked, and asked permission to include it--brand and all--in my novel.

As a special thank you, I invited them to share some info about this amazing lifesaving tool that I think everyone should have in their car...

resqme—the keychain that could save your life

The resqme keychain is a life-saving tool that allows you to escape from a trapped car. Whether submerged in a lake, stuck after a collision accident, or rescuing an injured neighbor, anyone can help save a life with resqme when seconds count.

The resqme™ keychain—the original car escape tool—is a powerful and ultra-compact two-in-one device made in the USA. Its protected stainless-steel blade cuts easily through seatbelts, while its spring-loaded steel punch shatters car windows with a mere twelve pounds of pressure. The center punch is retractable, and therefore, reusable. The resqme™ keychain was originally developed for safety professionals and has now become an essential car emergency tool for every driver. Today, over two million people carry the resqme™ tool and drive with peace of mind.

The resqme™ tool is available through these links:
USA: On Amazon

About the company
resqme is saving lives by providing high-quality product solutions and supporting preventative educational programming. In the year of our tenth anniversary, we invite you to join the movement toward a safer world. Together we can save more lives!

For more information, visit
I was thrilled when the people at ResQMe answered all my questions and gave me permission to use the device in SUBMERGED. 

I was even more thrilled when they donated 12 key chains for me to give away during my March Giveaway. Be sure to enter. This prize could save your life--or the live of a loved one!

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Unknown said...

This one is really a good product. quite handy and portable and can be fitted in my car key ring.