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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Writers: Got 'Starving Writer Syndrome'? Want to free up money in your home?

As a writer and published author, I know how difficult our industry can be, and how uncertain a writer's income can be. I've had my ups and downs, suffered from what I call "Starving Writer Syndrome" (akin to Starving Artist Syndrome). I've experienced many years where I spent more than I earned. It's not fun, and it places a huge amount of stress on a writer's self-confidence, financial situation and family.

For years, I've made it my mission to help other writers when I can, and therefore I'd like to introduce you, my fellow writers, to my brother, Derek Kaye. He's a financial advisor, and he has a plan for you to free up money in your home--even if you think there's nothing available.

Let me introduce you to Derek's 'Get Your Finances On Track' system...

Would you be interested in discovering a way to quickly free up money and start down a path towards financial abundance?

Discover the Get Your Finances On Track system <== NEW TRAINING!

Derek's new training program is perfect for families and professionals who are making a great household income ...

... yet don't know where it's all going!

For families who are working hard every month ...

... yet are living paycheque to paycheque and don't seem to be able to get ahead!

How to manage your money, stay out of debt and jump on the fast-track to financial independence!

Derek tells me this isn't just about getting out of debt. It's about discovering an entirely new way of looking at money and running your house-hold so that you can finally get ahead and start pursuing your dreams.

So if you're sick and tired of the stress and anxiety of your MONEY managing YOU ...

... change things around with a system that will allow YOU to start managing your MONEY!

Check out this end-to-end system for getting your finances on track.

~ Cheryl

P.S. Stop just dreaming of your perfect life and start designing the one you wish to live!

Learn the "build your future" money management system here <==

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