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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Sharon Osbourne, Grace & Heroes

I've never met Sharon Osbourne, MrsSOsbourne on Twitter, and I probably never will. She's known worldwide and I am only a small Canadian writer. I doubt she's ever read any of my novels, though I really wish she'd read WHALE SONG because it has impacted so many people's lives and I believe she would love it.

I'd love to meet Sharon, but that's not why I'm writing this post. The chance of Sharon Osbourne "dropping by" my little piece of the blogosphere is slim to none. And I can pretty much assure you she's never heard of Cheryl Kaye Tardif, or read my blog or my books before.

The reason I'm blogging about a woman I've never met is that she inspires me. Truly. Deeply.

Sharon inspires me because of all she has accomplished and overcome in her life. She has managed countless performers, including her husband and famous rocker Ozzy. Yeah, I bet that hasn't been easy. I can barely manage to get my husband to take out the trash some days.

I do share one thing in common with Sharon. We both have red hair. Okay, two things maybe. I love music. Almost any genre, young or old performers, professional and those just starting their dreams.

Sharon has raised her children, and any parent will tell you that's not easy. Sure, they've had their ups and downs, but don't we all? Through everything, through the grime of celebrity, Sharon rises above with grace and genuine caring. Just watch her on America's Got Talent! She wants people to find their dreams.

So do I. I've always been a dreamer. My motto has been "Dare to Dream...and Dream BIG!" I have that on the wall of my office. Being a part of someone's dream might mean giving them advice or a little direction or a caring word or encouragement to keep on keeping on.

I'm sure Sharon has had her awful days. I'm sure she's lost her cool at times. She's probably done things she regrets. Haven't we all? I know I have.

I suspect Sharon has had some ungraceful moments. But again, haven't we all?

I love Sharon Osbourne. Not the crazy kind of fan worship love, but just one human being to another. She epitomizes grace, selflessness, determination, persistence and more, and I strive to be just like her "when I grow up".

Sharon has faced cancer. Again, with grace. In this, she reminds me of my mother, who also faced cancer and won. Two very strong ladies, in my books. Two strong, heroic, admirable ladies. My mom and Sharon Osbourne should get together...and then invite me over for margaritas.

Sharon is my hero, and I don't say that about just anyone.

My novels are filled with fictional heroes, strong courageous men and women who have to battle against darker forces of evil. Jasi McLellan from Divine Intervention. Sadie O'Connell from Children of the Fog. Del Hawthorne from The River...

You probably know a hero, maybe even have one in your family. Maybe it's your neighbor, or a teacher.

My hero is Sharon Osbourne--and all the Sharons out there like her. I salute you for your grace.

Who's your hero?

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif
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James Garcia Jr said...

What a cool post! I don't know who my hero is. It will probably come to me later. What you wrote about inspiring others struck me, however. I became published after 20 years of only daydreaming about it. Now that I have been published, I try and encourage others, especially young people to "dream big" and then to go out and get it. I often wonder whether becoming famous for my writing is not the thing, but rather inspiring others.


Cheryl Tardif said...

Thanks so much for your comment, James.

I think inspiring others is a far more worthwhile goal to pursue than fame. Inspiration can last a lifetime, while fame is fleeting. :-)