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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Whale Song review: "This is, hands down, one of my top five favorite books."

"I would describe this book as a beautiful piece of fiction that reads like a memoir. I've never read a book quite like's very unique...This is, hands down, one of my top five favorite books. It's beautifully written, gorgeous detail, a unique story line and is fast-paced enough that we keep turning the pages but not so much so that it loses the reader. It touches on important issues, like bullying, abuse and losing a parent, in a way that's informative but not overwhelming. What I really loved is how it shone the light on the Native culture and spirituality in such a beautiful way. Plus, Tardif had me with the title: I love whales and dophins!

Tardif went through alot to get this story out there, and later on went through alot to help keep the story out there. I have always had such a tremendous respect for her as a writer and author. Now after reading this work, and knowing her reasons for wanting to keep it out there (do be sure to read her dedication to her brother, Jason) I respect her even more as a humanitarian. This is a must-read...a good and important read for everyone."

--award-winning author Chynna T. Laird

Read Chynna's full review at The Gift blog.


Ricky Bush said...

I believe you've hooked a new reader here.

Cheryl Tardif said...

Thanks for dropping by, Ricky. Let me know what you think of Whale Song. I may even want to quote you. :-)


Chynna said...

FANTASTIC book. =)


Cheryl Tardif said...

Thank you, Chynna. :-) I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

Alison E. Bruce said...
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