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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Introducing the Whale Song Discussion Guide for Book Clubs and Schools

Whale Song is the perfect choice for book clubs and schools!

Not only is Whale Song a “beautiful” and “compelling” novel, it has had an emotional impact on many readers and it explores numerous topics. Reading it, you will learn about living in an isolated town, the lives of killer whales, west coast native traditions and legends, the effects of racism, the impact of bullying and abuse, the choice and consequences of assisted death, the depth of a parent’s love, and surviving great tragedy. In the end, I hope you will come away feeling inspired and hopeful.

And now there is the Whale Song Discussion Guide for Book Clubs and Schools, the first discussion guide to complement a Kunati title.

This guide was designed to help book clubs, schools and individuals get the most out of Whale Song. It will give you some insight into how to interpret this work of fiction and the subtle or not-so-subtle messages found in the book. While this novel was originally marketed mainly for women 30-60 years old, it has now broken all boundaries in age and gender. My youngest reader that I know of is 7 and the oldest is 108. And Whale Song has become an international hit.

Spoiler Warning: The following book club discussion questions on Whale Song reveal important details from the novel. You should finish reading it before continuing.

View the Discussion Guide online or download the PDF.

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