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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"The sparks fly in this red hot paranormal thriller" -- Amanda Richards, Amazon Top 100 reviewer, says of Divine Intervention

Amazon Top 100 Reviewer has fast become a fan of my novels. She has reviewed 3/3 novels, giving them all high praise. This is what Amanda has to say about my psychic suspense thriller Divine Intervention...

"Things get really hot in this paranormal thriller when a serial arsonist murders three people, one of whom is the father of a politician on the rise. Set in British Columbia at a time in the near future, the case is assigned to a very special team of investigators with psychic abilities.

Leading the team is agent Jasmine McLellan, a Pyro-Psychic who can visit the remains of an arsonist's target and reconstruct the crime through the mind of the perpetrator. The other two members are Ben, a Psychometric Empath who can check you out by just touching your bare skin, and Natassia, a Victim Empath, who can reverse the saying that dead men tell no tales. The three form a very closely knit group, so that when they are ordered to temporarily expand the group by one, things get really tense, especially when the newest member is tall, rugged and handsome, but most of all, a skeptic.

The trail blows hot and cold as it leads them across British Columbia, as do the emotions, but the thing is, how many more people does the arsonist intend to kill, and how are the victims connected to each other?
The author combines murder, arson, adultery, blackmail, abuse and much more in this fast-paced book that you'll just have to read in one sitting. The only problem with it is that there is a book two mentioned, and I don't yet have a copy in my hands. "

In an email to Cheryl, she ends it with, "More, more".

Dear Amanda:

I am hoping that Kunati Books will add Divine Intervention to their UNA paperback imprint so that I will be free to finish the second book--Divine Justice. Please feel free to sign my guestbook (and anyone else) if you would like to see Divine Justice come out within the next 2 years. :) Cheryl

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