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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Fighting with Harry Potter

Ok, I wasn't really "fighting" with him, but he was my competition yesterday when I was at Indigo Books & Music in Edmonton, doing a book signing less than 12 hours after the big Harry Potter tsunami hit the bookstores. When I got to the store you could still see the decorations and signage.

But what was most impressive was the huge box on the floor across from the entrance. The box was big enough for two adults to curl up in and have a nap. And it was piled high with the 7th and last installment of J. K. Rowling's sensational series.

I watched in envy as people walked in the store and plucked up a book almost immediately. They were polite, no pushing and shoving...which I suppose is a good thing since many of the customers were 40-something men! :) Now there's no way they were ALL buying for their kids! I could see the gleam in their eyes.

The store was pleasantly busy considering that the major event was held at midnight the night before. I could see a few of the staff were a bit partied out though. But I got to see some of my favorite gals--Sheila (who always treats me like I'm a famous New York Times bestselling author) and Beth, Jenn and Brenda.

However, it's the customers that truly make my day. So Deanna, Janet, Ryan and all the others who stopped by or bought my books, thank you for your support and for the conversations. I hope you enjoy my novels as much as I enjoyed writing them.

When I left, the Harry Potter box was about 1/2 full. Go, Harry!

One day I hope to get a box filled with books at the front of the store...

One day--Wait! Didn't my fortune cookie say I would be showered with luck before my next birthday? (August 12) lol


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