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Friday, October 27, 2006

Whale Song Goes to Hollywood!

My new April 2007 release, Whale Song, is currently being read by two Hollywood film companies. And they are not the first to consider it for movie potential.

Just over a year ago, I approached Mind's Eye Productions, a Canadian film company. They asked for a screenplay, which I then wrote with a fellow writer, Alison Neuman. After careful consideration, they turned it down, I believe due to budget constraints.

And now Hollywood has Whale Song!

Since the day I started writing this haunting story, I have 'seen' it unfold like a movie. And I am thankful that my new publisher, Kunati Books, saw the potential as well.

I have envisioned the emotional impact on the audience and can taste the popcorn. I have dreamed of watching the premier, with a case of Kleenex on hand. And I have imagined potential young stars as the possible main character, like Mackenzie Rosman or Dakota Fanning for the younger Sarahs.

Whale Song has also garnered some foreign rights interest, so keep your fingers crossed. One day you may see Whale Song on the BIG SCREEN and read a copy of it in Spanish while visiting Spain.

Fans have begged me for a movie, and even Writer's Digest had this to say:

"A wonderfully well-written novel. Wonderful characters [that] shine. The settings are exquisitely described. The writing is lyrical. Whale Song would make a wonderful movie."

So, send Hollywood some Whale Song energy! :)

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif, author of Whale Song, a 2007 Kunati Books release.

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