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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

One of my favorite fan emails!

Although I appreciate and love all emails from my fans, this one in particular is one of my favorites, and one I'll share with you.

Dear Ms. Tardif,

My name is J. I am fourteen years old, live in Alberta; and love Whale Song.

this email is simply to thank you for writng 'my favorite book of all time'. I read it yesterday, and literally I couldn't put it down. the only time I did was to eat breakfast, and is my mother would have let me, believe you me I would have read it while eating as well. I'm already on my second round of reading it.

I don't think that in my life I have ever cried so much at a book. I sat on my bed while reading it slinging to my pillow, that rested un der my chin to catch my tears. I weeped throughout the entire thing (well almost). My mom would come in and say for my to stop rubbing my face on my pillow and get a kleenex, but I didn't want to stop for even a little moment.

My grandmother (whom I call nanny) got Whale Song for me as a Christmas gift. She said she saw you in the store signing books and said she simply had to buy me and autographed copy. Me and Nanny always talk about the good books we read, and believe me she was one of the first people I called up to ramble on about my new 'obsession'. Anyways I should get back on track, She got this book for me as well as a few more, and I had saved it for last, scince it was the most colorful, and most inviting. See when I recieve books in order to make sure I stay on top of my reading lists, I leave the books I want to read most for last, so that I will be encouraged to finish the ones before it faster. And just Thurday night I finished 'The Golden Compass'. And Saturday morning I woke up at six, because a squirell had annoyed my puppy, Jodee. I looked at my book self and then at the one lonely book sitting there that had not yet been read, and scince I can't fall asleep after being woken up, I grabbed it and crawled into bed to read. At 10:00 my mother came in calling me down to eat some breakfast, and that was basically my only break from the book.

Your book captured me. It is one of those few books I've read that I think of long after I have read the last page. I want to thank you for writng such a powerful book, in many dimensions. I know it will be my favorite book for a very very long time. I'm looking forward to reading many other times then the two times I have already read it.



For me, receiving emails like this one absolutely makes my day. It makes me remember that part of the reason why I write is for my readers. The other reason why I write is because I simply have to--for ME! Please keep sending me your emails, and remember that posting reviews on Amazon or Indigo is also a wonderful way to show your support of my work. I love stumbling upon a new review!

Cheryl Kaye Tardif
Author of Whale Song

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