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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ONE CHILD by Jeff Buick is Powerful...Explosive...Moving

In Jeff Buick's powerful thriller, One Child, the world of high stakes stock exchanges, illegal arms dealing, the never-ending war in Afghanistan and past sins collide. From the moment young Halima awakes in Kandahar and tells her father she had a dream she would be someone "important" to the tragic yet hopeful ending, we are drawn into this story of interconnecting lives and cultures.

Buick's writing is descriptive and intelligent, and the author's expert research allows him to set out the bait, while the mounting tension draws you into the streets of war-torn Afghanistan and beyond. Reading this novel is like walking a tightrope with your eyes closed.

One Child portrays our world as it is―flawed and dangerous, yet ripe with opportunity and humanity. We are each shaped by our experiences and must follow our own paths. Destiny might guide us, but in the end, it's what we make of our lives that counts.

Explosive and moving, One Child is a must read.

[Review of the ARC supplied by the author.]

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