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Saturday, August 21, 2010

"I’ve never had a book affect me the way Whale Song affected me"

Here is another critique from an ESC Trillium student. I've removed any major spoilers.

Friendship, death and love are just a few of the things that were portrayed out of the book I read in my grade 11 class with Mme Pam. It was a wonderful book and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a great book full of emotions.

Whale Song was an easy read so I believe we could have read it in grade 9 or 10, but I’m not complaining. The story was amazing, it’s wonderful how deep the emotion is behind the book. For example: When Goldie's brother was the boy who died trying to swim out to the island, the amazing friendship between Goldie and Sarah, Annie the bully, the friendship between Annie, Goldie and Sarah, the friendship between the Dixons and the Richardson’s.

I’ve never had a book affect me the way Whale Song affected me. Here are some examples of when the book affected me: ...when Adam came back in the story near the end of the book and when I found out why the book was called Whale Song.

I was so into the book that I finished it in 3 days. That’s a record for me because it usually takes me a long time before I finish a book. It was interesting from the beginning, that’s a good thing because when I find the beginning of a book boring, I probably wouldn’t read it. When you watch a really good movie, all the viewers will be “on the edge of their seat”, well that’s what I felt when I was reading Whale Song. The suspense was killing me, I just wanted to find out what was going to happen next.

For a long time, I imagined Sarah staying down for the rest of her life. So when Nana got into the car accident, I had mixed emotions, I was hoping that would help Sarah, but at the same time I was sad Nana was in a car accident. Nana was such a strong character...happy, loving and full of life even after the accident. Those are just a few of the reasons I enjoyed the novel Whale Song. --Katrina

Katrina's entry was a close second for the contest I held, in which the winning reviewer received a Chapters gift card for his or her review. Thank you, Katrina! I really enjoyed reading your critique.

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