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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Whale Song is an extraordinary story"

Check out this critique from another ESC Trillium student who studied Whale Song in her Grade 11 English class.
Whale Song is a story about a little girl who faces a lot of obstacles in her life. Even though she gets hurt a couple of times, she has friends and family to help her get through it and that is the reason why I loved that book. 
This book tells us a lot about Sarah who is in her teenage years. Yet she moves into a new town, she meets new people, she gets bullied...She hits a lot of bumps in the road. But thanks to Goldie’s friendship and Nana’s native stories, Sarah learns more and more about life and you can see that she grows up and making decisions. 
There’s a lot of emotions behind it all like sadness, happiness, anger etc. Whale Song also teaches you that you will get some bumps in the road, but you have to keep going and finish the life that you started...Whale Song is an extraordinary story. The feelings inside the character’s are moving. You can see them growing and changing. This story is what can happen during a teenager’s life. 
I can read this story over and over again since I’m a teenager and there’s a lot of things that we go through like relationships, bullying, friendship and a lot of feelings that we discover. Teenager are kids that are growing up to become someone that they want to be. This book can get you thinking about feelings. --Jade
Thank you, Jade. This is an awesome review and I can tell Whale Song reached you where I wanted it to--your emotions.

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