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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Whale Song is "the best book I ever read in school"

Here's another Whale Song review from an ESC Trillium student.
I read “Whale Song” by Cheryl Kaye Tardif in my grade 11 English class and I think that it was the best book I ever read in school. The characters were really charming. I loved the way that she used old native legends or even just a wise phrase at the beginning of the novel and came back to it later on. By doing that, I was able to connect to the story more than other books. The reason why I loved it so much was because we saw the main character’s whole journey and I really loved how the author never forgot about anything. At the end of the novel, there were no questions left except for “Is she gonna marry him?” I love how the author gave us the choice to finish it ourselves, if we want her to marry him or not.
I really want to have the book because I would love to re-read it and lend it to friends and family and let them read it. It’s a really awesome book and I really recommend it to everyone. It’s the kind of book that everybody can enjoy. There are so many different feelings. Some parts, you laugh and others you cry. I got really attached to the characters and when stuff happened, I was really sad, but it also makes you think how fast everything can turn around and ruin everything. 
When[Sarah] first moved to Canada, she had absolutely no idea of what was coming up. Her biggest problem was that she was leaving her best friend behind. It made me think that my parents are really precious and you really need to keep them close to you no matter what. Don’t ever let a little fight get in between you and your parents because you have absolutely no idea of what is coming up.
So all of this is to say that the book is awesome and I would definitely read it again. I would also love to read the other books that she wrote. If they are one quarter as good as “Whale Song”, they will be excellent. Cheryl Kaye Tardif really inspired me to continue with my work and to never give up. It's possible to share with the world a story, no matter how hard it may be. --Marie-Eve
Thank you, Marie-Eve. I really appreciate everything you wrote here. I am so glad you enjoyed my "heart book".

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