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Friday, August 27, 2010

Whale Song "always leaves you wanting more"

Students from ESC Trillium High School in Ontario studied Whale Song last year, and here's another critique from a student there.
The novel Whale Song has been my favourite book read thus far during my high school career. From the minute I picked up Whale Song, I was hooked. The story develops at a good pace and always leaves you wanting more. The story that this novel recounts has aspects that everyone can relate to, from living through a move or the death of a loved one. 
The character of Sarah is very relatable to people of all ages because her age progresses throughout the novel.  Sarah also experiences many obstacles that a lot of people experience growing up, such as making new friends, facing a bully and finding your first love.  
I believe reading this novel in a grade 11 pre-university English class is very appropriate.  The novel does contain some material that can be very emotional and requires a certain maturity to comprehend. I would definitely recommend this book to family and friends; it was a very smooth read. Cheryl Kaye Tardif is a very gifted author and I cannot wait to read more of her novels. --Cailin
Thank you, Cailin. This is an awesome review and I can tell you really "got" Whale Song. :-)

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