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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Whale Song: "I’ve never really read a book that good; and I’ve read a lot of books!"

Receiving reviews from fans always makes my day. Receiving reviews from students who read my novel in school is even more special, because I sure remember the novel studies I did in school and the book reports that followed. I feel blessed to have touched so many people through my words.
‘Whale Song’ was a wonderful novel. It is rare and I’ve never really read a book that good; and I’ve read a lot of books! I guess it was all in the way that everything started out so good, and so perfect and then it all fell to pieces to be brought back together again in the end. It kept you wondering, guessing and even made you feel frustrated and sad. It made me cry...I had to put the book away, at some point to remember that it was just a book. It felt so real, I felt so touched by everything that I had trouble separating her reality from mine.
If I had the power to change something about the book, I would not. I guess it was meant to be that way and there is no apparent reason to change it into something different. Books, I usually want to re write the ending or the beginning because somewhere and somehow I wasn’t satisfied. ‘Whale Song’ has a lot of details. Which permits you to imagine everything very detailed and lets you feel and be a part of the story in some unexplainable way. You feel like you're watching from afar everything that’s happening.
There is one thing I’m especially glad about...the end. I was so happy, I mean who doesn’t like a cute happy ending? I love romance and I’m just glad that it found its self in the novel. At least that made you realise that in life you have to move on, and just because something terrible happens, your life is not yet over. Even if you want it to be.
And there is also ONE thing that I was kinda disappointed about: how once everything was good and joyful again, the book ended. I mean, it has to end somehow and not a lot of people want to read about ‘how wonderful it is and how much they love etch other’; people need action.
But for some reason, I like it better when its all lovey dovey; but apart from that it was a good ending. The author didn't explain everything, she kinda gave them their privacy and let the readers imagine how the rest may of happened. Which is good.
All the legends, the heartbreaks, the bullying and the racism. Who would of thought it was possible to glue them all together and to make them work in such harmony for the benefits of a novel? It was different, and new and exciting and obvious at some parts. I don’t know what else to say about it, it was just a good novel. --Marianne
 Marianne, I am so glad Whale Song made an impact on you and I hope you'll always keep reading. :-)

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