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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Special Guest: Eileen Schuh, author of SHADOW RIDERS

Today I welcome a good friend, author Eileen Schuh, to my blog. Eileen has a new release, and it even references one of my books. And today YOU get to read an excerpt. How cool is that? Take it away, Eileen...


And all fine online book retailers.

If it is not on the shelves of your local library or bookstore, please ask to have it ordered in for you.

“In Shadow Riders, Schuh takes us along on a horrifying, suspenseful trip.” ~ Catherine Astolfo, award-winning author of Sweet Karoline

“A riveting plot and dynamic characters will leave you craving more." ~ Luke Murphy, international bestselling author of Dead Man’s Hand and Kiss & Tell

From the moment she falls in love with the ‘bad boy’, the very core of her being is forever changed. 

Allison Montgomery is wrapping up a career as a successful entrepreneur when she’s brutally kidnapped and whisked to South Korea. To ensure her survival, she gradually forges a bond with Carbon, her smooth-talking but abusive captor, a bond that over time proves incredibly strong. Jail time, death threats, counselling—nothing can convince Allie to betray her illicit lover.

However, a team of dedicated cops, an understanding lawyer, her ex-husband— there are those who persist in believing she can break free of Carbon’s hold. She must. Justice for six massacred men depends on it.

- An exploration of the emotional ties that trap women in violent relationships. -

Excerpt from SHADOW RIDERS:

She ran her fingers over the embossed lettering on the cover of her book, Lancelot’s Lady by Cherish D’Angelo. Tim had the dark hair and deep eyes of the handsome hero, but he wasn’t rugged like the cover model. Tim was gentle, both in appearance and personality…

The long hours and extensive travel involved in running their business had often kept her and Tim apart. He had offered to change things—sell the company, hire more help, downsize. She’d tried to envision their marriage returning to the way it had been in the early years. However, she knew that it could never be the same. They were no longer young and full of energy and dreaming and sharing dreams and chasing dreams. They were old and worn and destined to walk in separate, dreamless worlds.

Allie traced the firm jaw of the hero on the cover. Love ought to be forever but seldom was. She had fought a dark, churning, growing feeling of doom for what seemed like a decade before they had split….

There was no doubt Tim loved her. He respected her. Allie thumbed through the first chapters of her book to refresh her memory. Tim wanted her, like Lancelot was driven to possess his lady on the Caribbean island. When her doorbell rang, she greeted her guests with her eyes still on the page…

Ah, yes. The romance novel versus the reality. We all eventually must face it—the truth about ‘happily ever after.’ The reality of being ‘old and worn and destined to walk in separate, dreamless worlds.”

It’s just that…the protagonist in a novel generally doesn’t face it.

Allison Montgomery does many things that fictional protagonists generally don’t do; she does things that real women do. Things like divorce her husband, go through menopause and…refuse to leave a violent relationship.

I thank Cheryl Kaye Tardif for allowing me to use her romance novel Lancelot’s Lady released under her pen name, Cherish D’Angelo, to help me shine light on the contrast between the fantasy and the reality in matters of the heart.

I like the irony of have a fictional character reading a novel. It somehow makes Allie more real. In fact, she becomes desperately real, uncomfortable so for some.

We see in her our weaknesses, and our desperation. Her poor decisions become ours, her illicit love ours…and we know none of it should be, because we are strong, we are woman.

Yet in reality we fail and flail and fall. And at times, do not want to rise back up.

We are victimized, manipulated, lied to, and loved…all by the very same man.

Allison Montgomery is us. Lancelot’s Lady is but a dream.

Author bio:

In addition to SHADOW RIDERS, Canadian author, Eileen Schuh has published three novels in her ongoing gritty Young Adult BackTracker Series: The Traz, Fatal Error and Firewalls. The Traz also comes in a School Edition. As well, she has to her credit two adult science fiction novellas, Schrödinger's Cat and Dispassionate Lies.

Born Eileen Fairbrother on a small farm near Tofield, Alberta, Canada, she now lives with her husband in Alberta’s northern boreal forest in the St. Paul area.  In addition to writing, she enjoys speaking to youth and adults about the magic of literacy and the social and personal issues addressed in her novels.

Schuh recently retired from a life of careers that varied from nurse to journalist to editor to business woman.

She invites you to visit her online:

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Special Guest: Jesse Giles Christiansen offers a glimpse into the mysterious Doomsday Man

A special welcome to author Jesse Giles Christiansen, who is sharing (in his own unique way) his newest release, REVENGE OF THE SEA...

A Letter from Doomsday Man
November 24th, 2015
Address Unknown 
Dear Land Misfits,

I should like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Cheryl Kaye Tardif, owner and acquisitions editor of Imajin Books, for allowing me the opportunity to share a few words with you today. I am writing this from a location I am strictly forbidden to disclose, both for the protection of your emotional well-being and out of the deepest respect for the entity whom I serve.

First and foremost, I encourage everyone not to be altogether unsettled by the book cover. Things are not always as they appear. For example, I took great pains to present myself in a reasonable and favorable manner, but my actions around the sea earned me a shady status among all of you, something of which I shall remain always regretful. Furthermore, it is of no fault of mine that I possess such a dynamic personality that the lightning seems incapable of being shooed away from me, especially on deliciously darker, rainy days.

Secondly, those of you reading these words should in no way whatsoever hold me directly responsible for any dark, negative, or otherwise untoward feelings you may experience as a result of reading my story. Both here and during the days laid out in the novel, Revenge of the Sea, I always made great efforts to be polite and agreeable toward you, despite the awful circumstances which all of you deservedly rained upon yourselves.

Finally, the release date of December 1st, 2015 was in no way intended to disturb anyone during the Holiday Season, and I shall kindly ask each and every one of you to duly note that villains are made, not born, and that you already had plenty of devils skipping jovially about Christmas long before I arrived.

In closing, I should like to make one humble request, which I think is perfectly reasonable under the circumstances. Please keep an open mind when reading my story, for when you judge others you also judge yourselves—and while you may think you stand outside the bars of the prison of your own convictions, you may realize all too soon that your cell is tragically less comfortable than ever imagined.

Yours truly,  Mr. DM

REVENGE OF THE SEA by Jesse Giles Christiansen

Beware of what the tide may bring…

Ethan Hodges is deeply unsettled when thousands of decomposed starfish inexplicably wash up along the shore of Pelican Bay. As the ominous sea epidemic spreads to other marine life, he continues to see a suspicious-looking man loitering on the beach.

To solve the mystery, Ethan seeks help from longtime friend, Sheriff Dansby, and Reagan Langsley, a beautiful marine biologist from Lighthouse Point. Spurred by curiosity and jealousy, Ethan’s estranged wife, Morgan, joins them in the investigation.

When the elusive outsider is finally arrested, an enigmatic relationship develops between Ethan and the man. With cautious prodding, Ethan learns that the fate of the world appears to rest in the hands of the tall stranger named…Mr. DM.

Amazon Book Link:

About Jesse:

#1 bestselling author in sea adventures, Jesse Giles Christiansen is an American author whose page-turning fiction weaves the real with the surreal, while also speaking to the human condition. He was hailed by New York Times bestselling author, William R. Forstchen, as "leaving readers so tantalized by the story lines, they think the events actually happened—a demonstration of skill surely to launch this author into the big leagues."

Jesse was born in Miami, FL, playing on beaches as a boy, the sky bronzing him forever and the sea turning his heart lyrical. After spending a summer in Alaska before graduating from Florida State University with a degree in literature and philosophy, he wrote his first novel, Journey into the Mystic.

He feels he is haunted by Hemingway's ghost, not just by the poster in his writing studio that stares at him, saying, "What else you got?" but also by having a café called Hemingway's in the small European city where he writes. Finally, Hemingway became his neighbor on Amazon when his novel, Pelican Bay, outsold Old Man and the Sea.

He currently lives in Lüneburg, Germany, with his wife and their precocious White Siamese cat.

To learn more about this author, visit him at

Author Blog:



Saturday, October 10, 2015

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2. BLONDE DEMOLITION by Chris Redding – Mallory Sage lives in a small, idyllic town where no one, not even her fellow volunteer firefighters, knows about her past life as an agent for Homeland Security. But a twisted serial killer has found her, as well as her former partner and lover, Trey McCrane. Now Mallory and Trey are on the run, and time is running out. 

3. CHASING CLOVERS by Kat Flannery – Mail-order bride, Livy Green, is desperate to escape the memories of her past. John Taylor will never love another woman again, but his children need a mother. As Livy's past catches up with her and suspicious accidents begin to happen on the ranch, she is tempted to tell John the truth. But will he send her back if she does? 

4. ROWENA THROUGH THE WALL by Melodie Campbell – When Rowena falls through her classroom wall and lands in an alternate world, she doesn't count on being kidnapped―not once, but twice―and the stakes get higher as the men get hotter. Unwanted husbands keep piling up, but that doesn't stop her from falling for the wrong brother. Good thing she can go back through the wall. Or can she? 

5. UNDER A TEXAS STAR by Alison Bruce – When Marly Landers is fooled by con man Charlie Meese, she's determined to bring him to justice―even if it means dressing up as a boy and setting off across the plains to find him. Texas Ranger Jase Strachan is also after Meese. Under the Texas stars, Marly and Jase are drawn together, yet fate plots to tear them apart. 

6. SWEET KAROLINE by Catherine Astolfo – Anne Williams says she killed her best friend, Karoline. But did she? Or is there more to Karoline's mysterious death than meets the eye? Anne embarks on a compelling journey to discover her past and exposes an unusual history, horrific crimes and appalling betrayals. 

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1. THE BRIDGEMAN by Catherine Astolfo 
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5. A HUMAN ELEMENT by Donna Galanti 
6. LAKOTA HONOR by Kat Flannery 
7. PELICAN BAY by Jesse Giles Christiansen 
8. SAFE HARBOR by Rosemary McCracken 
9. SOUL AND SHADOW by Susan J. McLeod 
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12. DIVINE INTERVENTION by Cheryl Kaye Tardif 

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Jasi and her team members--Psychometric Empath and profiler Ben Roberst and Victim Empath Natassia Prushenko--are joined by Brandon Walsh, the handsome but skeptical Chief of Arson Investigations. In a manhunt that takes them from Vancouver to Kelowna, Penticton and Victoria, they are led down a twisting path of sinister secrets. 

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

UPDATED: September 2015 - Amazon's KDP, Smashwords, Withholding Tax, International Authors, ITIN and EIN

As a Canadian author using Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), my journey has been less than hassle free, so I'm posting today to help other non-US authors get through the headache of withholding taxes and IRS forms.

If you're a non-US author and you've noticed your royalty checks don't match your numbers online, it's most likely because a withholding tax has been implemented--30% on average. But there's a solution.

First, a non-US resident and DTP publisher/author does NOT need a US address or a US bank account. Amazon will mail you a check or via direct deposit.

However, Amazon will withhold approx. 30% of all earnings of non-US residents UNLESS authors have an ITIN or EIN, which you must get from the IRS.

FYI, this is how I did it a few years ago when everyone said I needed an ITIN. But I should warn you--it's much easier now, and I'll tell you exactly what you need to do after I share my experience.
Don't apply for an ITIN!!!

1. I contacted an "Acceptance Agent" in my city. There's a list of Canadian Acceptance Agents (and US and International Acceptance Agents) on the IRS website.
2. I had Smashwords send me a letter stating I was selling my books through them. You need one letter only from one distributor, and when I asked Amazon they were completely uncooperative and refused to send me the letter.
3. I filled out the W-7 form at the Agent's office, he photocopied my passport and he sent these out along with the letter from Smashwords (who are aweseome about giving letters).
4. It took about 7 weeks before I got my letter from the IRS with my ITIN.
5. Then I filled out the W-8BEN form and sent one to each US distributor (Amazon, Smashwords etc). From that point on, I've received 100% of my royalties due; no tax was withheld.

Smashwords has great instructions on all this on their site. I don't know why Amazon hasn't done the same. Smashwords also has links to all the forms and the address for sending the W-8BEN. Again, Amazon could take some pointers on customer service.

As per Smashwords, here are the important links you need:
Is this a hassle? Most definitely. That's why I no longer recommend this way. Get an EIN!!!

Is it worth it to get an EIN? Yes. Why should 1/3 of my earnings be held back? I'm Canadian, I pay my taxes here.

Does anyone know the correct mailing address for sending in the W-8BEN form to Amazon?

"We need to receive a physical copy (paper form) of the W8 that contains a US tax id and that is signed in blue ink. Please put the supplier code/vendor code, vendor code: DUVNS in the upper right hand corner and then mail it to the below address. As soon as we receive it, we will update the account and reimburse withholding that has been deducted this year. Note: withholding can only be paid back in the current year it was deducted.

Amazon Digital Services
Attn: Vendor Maintenance
PO Box 80683
Seattle, WA 98108-0683

If you have further questions, please write back to us at"

Please note that you may want to check to ensure that the "supplier code" is the same for everyone. I have no idea if it is or if it's linked to my account only. If you know the answer, please email me at cherylktardif (at)

UPDATE 3: Sept 29, 2015 - Forget the ITIN. Get an EIN instead. It's much easier and FREE!

Get an EIN by phone via the IRS's toll-free number: (800) 829-4933.

UPDATE 2: One writer reported to me that the supplier code was different than mine, so your best bet is to email DTP support and ask them.

UPDATE: May 18, 2011 -
- Createspace will send you the letter you need to get the ITIn rolling, if you sell your books via them.
- Smashwords has a Google Chrome bug that is preventing emails to go through to them via the customer support link at the top of If you've emailed them about this or any other matter and haven't heard back from them in 3-5 days, your email may never have reached them. They're working on this issue. In the meantime, try IE or another browser.

- From Mark Coker at Smashwords: "At Smashwords, authors request the letters through their payee profile at They can request the letter once their account balance reaches $10.00."

Cheryl Kaye Tardif

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Guest Interview: Andy Peloquin and his new book, BLADE THE DESTROYER

Today I'm featuring a special guest--author Andy Peloquin. Andy is participating in a blog tour to promote his newest release, BLADE OF THE DESTROYER, book 1 in The Last Bucelarii series.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I think the writing bug hit me around the age of 15. I had a lot of free time at that age, and no real friends to speak of. I gravitated more to solo activities. I was always pretty handy with the computer. When I saw that many of my online "friends" were writing, I thought I'd give it a try. I found it wasn't bad at it--even won an online competition with a short piece of prose.

I wrote off and on until the age of 20, when life conspired to fill my time with a host of other activities. I didn't start writing fiction again until the age of 25, but once I picked up that creative pen, I was totally hooked. Hardly a day has gone by since that I haven't written something!

What is your work schedule like when you're writing?

Well, it really depends on the day of the week. :D

Monday through Thursday, I can usually only fit in about two hours of writing--one in the morning, and one in the afternoon.

Friday, I can fit a couple of hours in the morning, and I've reserved Friday afternoon as sacred writing time. I usually get between 2 and 3 hours Friday PM before my family wants to go out.

Saturday morning is also reserved for writing. My wife works from 6 to 10 AM, so I'll usually take advantage of that time to sit down and get some writing in--even if it means getting up at 6 AM on a Saturday!

How long on average does it take you to write a book?

That's an interesting question…

It really depends on how much time I can dedicate to it. I will usually take about 6 weeks per draft, with a break of 6 weeks between each draft. So right now, I'm 75% of the way done with Book 2, working through Book 3, and writing a second unrelated series. I've got it down to a fine art. Usually from the moment I start writing the first word of the rough draft until it's ready for submission to the editor/publisher will be about six months.

If this book is part of a series, tell us a little about it?

This book is part of a series, and one that I'm very excited to write.

The first book starts out in the city of Voramis, and lots of fascinating, intriguing, and heart-wrenching things happen. The Hunter finds out more about the past he has forgotten, discovers the truth of his demonic heritage, and realizes that he's more than just a remorseless killing machine.

Over the next 4 or 5 books (still not sure how many it will end up being), he continues to evolve as a person while finding more about his past, his "destiny" (which he is totally averse to fulfilling), and the truth of demons on the world of Einan.

There's plenty of story to keep you interested, but I'm trying to make it a character-driven piece. It's all about the Hunter and his personal journey.

The main character in your book is covered in scars--one for each person he has killed using his accursed dagger. Do you have any scars? What are they from?

I don't have quite as many scars as the Hunter does, but I have my fair share!

My hands are covered in scars from various car accidents, stupid childish things (playing with knives), work scars, etc.

My right elbow had a shard of glass embedded in it for about two months, so the scar is still visible.

I put my right knee through a pane of glass.

Those are probably the most visible scars.

What are your thoughts on writing a book series?

I LOVE series--probably more than standalone books. I feel like a series is the best way to really get to know and fall in love with a character. I have read many excellent standalone novels, but for me and my writing abilities, I like what a series enables me to do with the character and his journey.

Do you proofread/edit all your own books or do you get someone to do that for you?

I proofread and edit my own work multiple times, but I also have a professional editor to do it as well. Thanks to my publisher--J Ellington Ashton Press--I get at least two wonderful editors to slice and dice the book and polish the writing.

Do you think that the cover plays an important part in the buying process?

ABSOLUTELY! In fact, the cover is almost more important than the book itself, especially in the world of online marketing/sales. A good cover can sell a book that may be a bit iffy. Of course, I'm not relying on my AMAZING cover to sell the book. I'm definitely making sure that it's as good as I can make it--on par with the works published by the bigger houses and more famous authors.

How are you publishing this book and why (e.g. Indie, traditional or both)?

I indie published my first book, but with this book (and the series), I wanted to go with a publishing house. I wanted multiple eyes to help me polish the final product, because I know that it has the potential to be something truly great.

What are your thoughts on good/bad reviews?

I LOVE both! Good reviews always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, but bad reviews help me to improve my writing. I got a few bad reviews on my first novel, and I used them to improve my writing style, plot, and overall writing ability for this book. It's thanks to those bad reviews that this new novel is as good as it is!

Do you read your reviews? Do you respond to them, good or bad? Do you have any advice on how to deal with the bad?

I absolutely read the reviews. There will always be the occasional "troll" who leaves a crappy review just for the heck of it. But for the most part, the reviews offer at least a glimpse into what made the book less than appealing to that person. If I can make the next book better, I will turn that person into a reader/fan.

Do you think that giving books away free works and why?

I love giving away books! I'm actually giving away my first novel--In the Days: A Tale of the Forgotten Continent--on my website ( right now. I feel like my book is something that people will enjoy, so I want to get it into as many people's hands as possible. It may not earn me a ton of money, but it's a way to build my platform as an author and get more fans.

How do you relax?

I'm a total comic book nerd! I love to read just about anything Marvel puts out, and I keep up with all of the latest digital comics. I'm a TV buff, but I like to hit the gym, cook for my family, lounge around with a good book, or relax on the beach. I've got relaxing down to a pretty fine art.

Here's an oddball for you: If you were an animal in a zoo, what would you be?

Ask anyone who knows me, and they'd probably say "a bear"--and I'd agree. I'm a large, hairy, friendly guy, with a pretty mild temperament but hella fierce when I get pissed off. Definitely a bear!

Thank you, Andy, for sharing a piece of yourself here on The Suspense is Killing Me.

And now, more about BLADE OF THE DESTROYER by Andy Peloquin...

The Hunter of Voramis is the perfect assassin: ruthless, unrelenting, immortal. Yet he is haunted by lost memories, bonded to a cursed dagger that feeds him power yet denies him peace of mind. Within him rages an unquenchable need for blood and death.

When he accepts a contract to avenge the stolen innocence of a girl, the Hunter becomes the prey. The death of a seemingly random target sends him hurtling toward destruction, yet could his path also lead to the truth of his buried past?

Order your copy today!

Amazon Kindle:

Amazon Paperback:

More about Andy:

Andy Peloquin's website:
Facebook: and

You can be a part of Andy's adventure by participating in his book launch on Facebook. Invite all your book-lovin' friends!