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Friday, October 17, 2008

Watch for an article on Cheryl and her iPhone novel Finding Bliss in the Edmonton Examiner

Today I was interviewed by Kevin at the Edmonton Examiner and we discussed my latest endeavor--writing a novel titled Finding Bliss on the new iPhone 3G.

Japan was the first to start a cell phone novel craze, with mainly teenage girls text messaging their novels in bits and pieces. The novels were then created into files that people could download and read on their cell phones. This resulted in many bestsellers.

I'm taking this concept to the next level. I'm writing a chapter at a time on my iPhone 3G, using the Notes application. Then I'm emailing it to myself so I can save it to my PC and edit from there. Plus, one of my characters will actually use an iPhone 3G in the story.

While many authors keep a notepad in their pocket or purse to capture their thoughts, all I need is my iPhone. So far, I've written the first chapter and have started on the second.

When I'm finished, Finding Bliss will be given to my agent in New York. I expect it will be first published in book form, although I am hoping to see an e-book version as well.

The Edmonton Examiner article should be in Wednesday's paper (October 22, 2008).

Read more about Finding Bliss, the first novel written on an iPhone 3G.

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif
bestselling author of Whale Song

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