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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Corvette C6 convertible, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas strip

Yesterday's adventures started off with the breakfast special at La Salsa Cantina. If you're looking for a great deal on breakie in Vegas, this is it! Afterward we picked up a shiny yellow Corvette C6 convertible and headed for the Hoover Dam. While many people would enjoy a bus tour with all the interesting history lessons, I have to admit, I liked that we drove ourselves and could do what we wanted. The drive was relaxing. We stopped for lunch in Boulder City and drove across the top of Hoover Dam twice. Then we headed back to Vegas.

We went to the House of Blues for dinner. The Wednesday special was a creole linguine--yum! Later, after the sun set, we drove down the strip and into old Vegas. Lights, lights and more lights. :) We ended up back at the Mandalay Bay Casino and I had a bit of a lucky streak on the Reel Money slots. Won a couple hundred bucks, which for some people might not be much but for me, I was happy. I usually go broke within a few minutes...hehe We were up til 2 a.m.

Today we're relaxing by the pool, soaking up some rays. Later this evening we're going to see Craig Ferguson. Marc and I watch his show--The Late, Late Show--most nights back home in Edmonton. I was so surprised to see he's here in Vegas, since I've been saying to Marc for months that when we go to California we WILL be seeing Craig. Hey, any show hosted by a very funny Scotsman from Glascow works for me. I have relatives in Glascow. And that Craig Ferguson never fails to make me laugh. He's such a "naughty monkey"!!! (I'll have to find a brown dress--apparently Craig likes gals in brown dresses.)

Yeah, we're livin' la vida loco in Las Vegas. ;-)

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif
Canadian suspense author

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