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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

City TV follows Cheryl to Starbucks and Mill Woods Town Centre

This morning was a wild and wacky start to my day. City TV arrived to film me in various locations using my iPhone 3G and working on my novel Finding Bliss.

We started off in my house, where our puppy Chai did her best to get into the shots. The camera followed me to my office where I demonstrated how the iPhone plugs into my computer, making it easy for me to send infomation like my chapter files on Finding Bliss to my main home PC.

My assignment prior to this was to write down 4 sentences that I'd use in the novel. The funny thing was, I tried to do this about 3 times. But each time I started writing down my thoughts, I'd expand and get so caught up in Bliss' story that my 4 lines became 14. Ahhh...the mind of a writer. I can't shut it off even if I wanted to.

We filmed a bit at my kitchen table and then in my family room downstairs. That's where the idea for Finding Bliss first came to me.

Then we took a convoy of 3 vehicles, including the City TV van, to my favorite haunt--the one place that you can find me usually at least once a week. The new Starbucks at 17th St & 39th Ave. I call it MY Starbucks. Roan, the manager, was there with all his lovely, wonderful staff.

Take 97. Action!
Cheryl walks into a Starbucks, orders a venti Chai Tea Latte with 2 shots of Cinnamon Dolce, then sits in a highback chair and pulls out her iPhone. A-ha! Inspiration hits. She jots down some thoughts in the chapter marked "Finding Bliss ch. 1" and thanks God that the iPhone is so smart it guesses which word she actually wants to type.

Next, the convoy sets off for Mill Woods Town Centre, where I am filmed getting a little bite to eat, while I sit in the food court typing merrily away on my iPhone. This was where my husband and I had sat about a week ago when I actually did add more to my new novel. That's the convenience of using the iPhone instead of a bulky notepad. That and the fact that once I'm done typing, I email the Note to my home PC.

Take 264. Action!
Cheryl orders some Mexi-Fries (something I never eat), then sits down in the food court. Immediately she gets another brilliant idea and carefully pulls her iPhone from her purse (angling it so subtly so the camera can see). Then she is drawn back into Bliss's world.

This piece will airt tonight on "Your City" - City TV (Edmonton) at 6:00 and 11:00 pm.

THANK YOU, City TV! I always have a blast when you're around! :)

This past half hour I spent calling my neighbors who were wondering why, yet again, there's a news van parked in my driveway.

(And to think--I was the shy girl in school. Really. Was too!)

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif

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Karen Harrington said...

You? Shy? Sounds like fiction to me.

Seriously, sounds like you had a great time yesterday.