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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Depression & Suicide: Help those in need step "Out of the Darkness"

If you've read my novel Whale Song or are familiar with the story of my brother Jason's murder in 2006, you'll know that depression is a topic I am familiar with. Depression hits hard and is often undiagnosed and unseen until too late. It led directly to my brother's death. He suffered from depression and it made it very difficult for him to hold down a job or stay in one place.

I am also familiar with suicide. My closest friend from childhood committed suicide years ago. And I have had my own personal battles with it in the past. Thoughts of suicide are practically an every day event for teens, and often for adults who can't cope with daily stress. Something must be done!

Karen, one of my good friends, shared with me the story of her husband's life...and his death. I was so saddened by what she told me. It brought such strong feelings within me. Most of all, I felt that her husband loved her deeply, but was just a lost soul who couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Those who choose to die can never see the light.

Karen wrote me recently about an event she is participating in, one that I have supported financially and one that I hope you'll consider supporting too. Here is her message, which she has asked me to post here.

Just over two years ago my husband died as a result of suicide after a life-long battle with depression. The last two months of his life were extremely hard for him, the pain of depression hurt throughout his entire body, and medications that he was given usually made the depression worsen or had side effects that were too difficult for him and one day he threw them all away. A few days later he was gone and my life, and all who loved him, have not been the same. So many times he would tell me that assisted suicide should be legal and that one day it will be, that I could mark his words.

I met Cheryl Kaye Tardif online and began a friendship with her after reading her latest novel, “Whale Song”. I wrote to tell her how much I enjoyed the book and that I could identify with each of the characters on almost every level and how touched I was by the story. This is a book that you should read, especially those that have lost someone that they love, no matter what type of loss. To me the book was haunting, spiritual, loving, insightful...I could go on and on.

On October 11th I will be taking part in the AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) Out of the Darkness Walk in Portland, Oregon. AFSP is a non-profit group that brings awareness to suicide, depression, and mental illness as well as offer support to those who have survived the loss of someone to suicide and those contemplating suicide. It is a wonderful organization that I have been involved in since my husband died. If you would like to donate to this worthy cause, go to my donation page at

Cheryl has graciously offered a signed and personalized copy of two of her novels, “Whale Song” and “Divine Intervention”, to the first person to donate $100 to the walk in my name. Although the walk is on October 11th, you can continue to donate until December 31, 2008. Thank you Cheryl, you’re an incredible person and incredible author!
I will definitely be very happy to give away those 2 books.

Just think: be the first to donate $100 and you'll get 2 books valued at $36. And your money is going to a very worthy cause. I will also give the recipient some bookmarks and a personalized bookplate for each book.

Please consider donating any amount. Suicide should never happen and with your help, people's lives CAN be saved.

Donate now!

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif

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