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Friday, October 24, 2008

Craig Ferguson at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Tonight my husband and I went to see Craig Ferguson live at the MGM Grand. In fact, we're watching his TV show--The Late, Late Show--right now. He is even funnier in person! I don't think I've laughed that hard in a very long time.

Our evening started with a quick caffeine fix at Starbucks in our hotel--Mandalay Bay. When I spotted The Reading Room, I was very surprised. Prior to arriving in Las Vegas I had checked online to find out where the nearest bookstores were located. I had read that The Reading Room was closing, which I thought was so sad. But the gal in the store told me the sale deal had fallen through, so it's still open. (I wish I had known earlier; I would have loved to have done a book signing there!)

Afterward, Marc and I headed for the MGM Grand. Shortly after we were seated, a gal named Doris came up to us and apologized for staring. I wasn't sure what she was talking about. Had I spilled my drink down my shirt or was my hair sticking up? lol Doris then said I looked like a star from a TV show. I think Doris became my new best friend in that moment. :-) She totally made my night--maybe even my month.

Marc and I got such a kick out of this. Of course I just had to tell her that while I'm not a movie star (although, hey, I was in a few TV shows as an extra...does that count? lol), I am an author from Canada. We chatted with Doris off and on throughout the night. She made us feel so welcome that I had to give her one of my bookmarks. (MGM, you'd better keep that gal around--she's wonderful!)

So thank you, Doris. I enjoyed talking with you, and yes you DO remind me of Whoopie (and I love her!) I hope to see you next time we're in town, and thank you so much for giving my extra bookmark to the security guard so he could give it to Craig. One of my goals is to one day be one of Craig Ferguson's guests. I told my husband this months ago. So Craig, if you happen to find my blog, call me! Or email me! :-)

Thanks also to Jenn, the first person we met who is actually FROM Las Vegas. In fact she was born and raised here--and she takes great photos. You're awesome, Jenn! (She so reminds me of my good friend and fellow author Kelly Komm.)

One thing I've noticed about Vegas, most of the people living and working here are super friendly, wonderful people. With the exception of one cab driver, everyone took an interest in us, in where we're from, and as Canadians in Vegas we felt very welcome. Thank you, Las Vegas!

Tomorrow is our last day. We leave in the evening. We plan to spend the day by the pool. We're pretty tired; there is just so much to do here. I do have a few tips for any of you who may be planning a trip to Las Vegas...
  • bring good walking shoes or runners
  • don't fully pack your suitcase; you'll want to do some shopping at the outlet stores
  • pace yourself and don't try to see and do everything in 5 days
  • try eating out in different hotels and restaurants
  • rent a luxury car and drive to Hoover Dam
  • bring Febreze air freshener for hotel room
  • when gambling in casinos, you can drink for free
  • set a daily limit for gambling and don't overspend
  • see any Cirque du Soleil style show

And remember, in Vegas you can be a "naughty monkey" (Craig Ferguson's favorite term) all you want, but eventually you'll have to go home. So don't forget this town's motto: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! ;-)

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif,
bestselling author of Whale Song, The River and Divine Intervention
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kai said...

I adore Craig Ferguson! I have a little crush on the Scottish boy. :-) Your trip sounds we need to get you down here to Portland and sign some books.

Cheryl Kaye Tardif, suspense author said...

Hi Kai:

I'll admit, I've got a little crush on that naughty monkey Craig too. He's so bad he's good. :)

I would love to do a signing in Portland! I am hoping that when my next novel comes out (no date :( yet), I will be able to do a cross-US signing tour.

Feel free to tell your bookstores about me. Warn them that soon they will be visited from a galaxy far, far away--aka the cold north of Canada. hehe