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Monday, September 24, 2007

A visit to Red Deer Chapters

Yesterday, I visited the Red Deer Chapters and held a book signing during the afternoon. The staff was awesome and very helpful, and the customers were great.

I'm quite happy to say we sold out of Whale Song, and I sold some copies of The River and Divine Intervention as well. But as always, it is the customers who truly make my day. They are my reminder of one of the main reasons why I write. A couple of customers in particular stood out, mainly because they took extra time to visit with me and genuinely seemed pleased to pick up a copy of one or all of my books. Some had already read some of my novels.

I have to say a special thank you to Guy who dropped by with his wife and two daughters and ended up with the "Cheryl Kaye Tardif collection". :) Guy picked up a copy of The River, his wife Lesley is reading Divine Intervention, and their daughters Kelsey and Danielle are reading Whale Song. It is so nice to see a family who enjoys reading. Reminds me of how my parents, brothers and I all had different books dog-eared or lying face down on a coffee table when I was a teen.

A special thanks also to Lorrie and Jodi who bought a copy of Whale Song...I think it was Whale Song. lol We got talking about motorcycles so I was a bit distracted. Lorrie and her husband Miles build motorcycles. E'Ville Twin Motorcycles. What a cool name! Their daughter sells motorcycle clothing and apparel. E'Ville Teez. I can just picture them now...riding on a handcrafted custom Chopper, all decked out in cross and skull bandanas, cruising down the highway under a sunset sky...with a copy of Whale Song propped up against metal. lol "Born to be wiiiiild."

Many authors look at book signings and calculate success based on how many books they sold vs. the cost to get to the signing. I view a successful signing as any time I connect with a potential fan and any time I meet existing ones. At Red Deer Chapters I met both, so it was a complete success.

Read an excerpt from Whale Song, The River and Divine Intervention.

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