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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cheryl has lunch with Canadian Idol Eva Avila

The lovely and talented Eva Avila, last season's Canadian Idol winner, is in Edmonton to kick off the Oil Kings hockey game. She will be singing the national anthem and some of her hit songs at tonight's game (Kootenay Ice vs. Edmonton Oil Kings), which starts at 7:30 pm.

Today I had the distinct pleasure of having lunch with Eva. We left her hotel (sorry, I'm NOT telling) and headed down Jasper Ave., battling a chilly wind, in search of sushi. Now there's something Eva has in common with my daughter Jessica. They are both sushi addicts. :) Well, we didn't find a sushi place and ended up instead at WOK BOX, where the food has a definite asian/indian flavour. YUM!

You're probably wondering what the heck I did to deserve an hour of this busy young woman's time. I think I'm wondering Eva and I have been corresponding via email after I contacted her through her MySpace page. But this was the first time we've met. And what a sweet girl!

We spent an hour chatting about the similarities between writing novels and writing songs, the challenges of promoting and marketing, and the advantages of online marketing. Then I gave her a limited edition Whale Song mug to thank her, and asked a customer to take a pic. Hey, I needed evidence to show Jessica. Apparently, my "cool-scale" went up a few notches, she told me. And any mom knows how important that is when you have a teen daughter.

Eva and I talked about Whale Song, my bestselling novel and a novel that has captured a lot of movie interest. Currently, numerous film companies, including many from Hollywood, are reading it. We've have been talking about the possibility of Eva playing the lead role. I would be thrilled if a film company asked her to audition. The more I spoke with Eva, the more of "Sarah Richardson" I saw in her. Not just her dark coloring, but her spark and spirit. She brought Whale Song with her on the trip to Edmonton, and I was thrilled to hear that.

There are two women I can see playing the lead role of 'Sarah Richardson'. Kristen Kreuk and Eva Avila. And isn't it wonderful that they're both Canadian?

Visit Eva Avila's site.

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Order Whale Song.

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