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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Our new Canadian Idol - Brian Melo

Canada has another sensational singer destined for great things--Brian Melo of Hamilton, Ontario. Brian beat out Jaydee Bixby from my home province Alberta (Drumheller, in fact, which is spectacular and known as 'dinosaur' country). While Jaydee has the voice and mannerisms of a blond Elvis, Brian has the heart and soul of a true storyteller. His song choice has been dead on and the evolution of his personal and professional growth on stage resulted in Brian winning the hearts of Canadians (mine included) and the final most coveted prize--the title of Canadian Idol.

Congratulations, Brian! I know I'll be buying your album.

Some of this year's Idol mentors were: Paul Anka, Kelly Clarkson, Enrique Iglesias and Bon Jovi.
Avril Lavigne performed tonight. (I actually missed it since I wasn't paying attention to the time and missed the first 1/2 hour.)

The two hour finale also showcased the first ever live Canadian performance of Bon Jovi, a band I have loved for years. And I just have to say: Jon, you are looking as yummy as ever! :) Bon Jovi sang Lost Highway from their new (same name) album. They followed this with one of my favorites, It's My Life. Released in 2000, it was their first single in 5 years. And I tell ya, I sure missed them!

And my sweetie Eva Avila, last year's Canadian Idol performed. Eva, you looked BEAUTIFUL and as graceful as ever! I am so enjoying your album and played it today for about 4 hours in a row! lol

And for those who may not have heard or read, Eva has a copy of Whale Song, which she'll be reading when she gets a break. I can't wait to hear her thoughts. As mentioned in My Book, The Movie, Eva is someone I can definitely see playing the role of twenty-something Sarah Richardson when they make Whale Song...the movie. So, if there are any producers/directors out there looking to give Eva her first break in the movie biz, I have the story and you can contact my publisher at Kunati Books.

Tonight, the top 10 performed and I have to say, they sounded pretty good. I think many of them will be going on to immediate careers, especially Carly Rae Jepson, who was my personal favorite this season and who was voted off in the top 3. Congrats to all the contestants for following their dreams and dreaming big, something I am known to say often when giving advice to aspiring authors.

Dare to Dream...and Dream BIG!

Brian, you dreamed BIG and you made Canada proud! I can't wait for your first CD.

Tomorrow morning, Brian Melo's first single All I Ever Wanted, written by Chris Perry and Nicole Hughes, will hit the radio waves and take Canada by storm. I sense a #1! For more information on this year's Canadian Idol competition, please visit Canadian Idol on CTV.

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