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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Canadian Idol Eva Avila is reading Whale Song in Edmonton

Today I got quite the surprise. I was barely listening to an announcement on the radio--91.7 The Bounce, to be exact, and I heard Eva Avila's name come up. It didn't twig completely until they started talking about the Oil Kings game. (I just don't DO sports! ) Then it hit me.

Eva Avila was coming to Edmonton!

Now let me backtrack just a bit. Eva and I have been emailing for 2 or 3 months now. In fact, she was very interested in Whale Song, so I sent her a copy. We've been talking about the possibilities of her playing the lead role of "Sarah". I am hoping that when my publisher makes a movie deal that the film producers/directors will at least consider Eva. She fits my image of Sarah, and I think that girl has a ton of talent. Beyond singing.

Let me backtrack some more. I've been an Idol fan for a few seasons but it was Eva who actually got me voting more than once a night. In fact on the final vote night I spent 2 hours calling in my vote on speed dial. My Japanese daughter was doing the same thing from our other line. :) Ok, yes, I'm an Idol addict. But really, I was just so inspired by Eva.

I finally figured out why tonight.

Eva is 19, only 2 years older than my own daughter. Eva has always had a dream. And she has known that eventually it would happen. She is passionate about her goals and dreams and is working so hard to achieve them. She reminds me of someone.


Of course, a far younger "me", but all the same, she has the intense dreams of becoming a huge star, just as I have wanted to be a New York Times bestselling author. My dream also started at a young age. But it took me far longer to realize even part of my dreams.

I admire Eva for her spirit, and the 'Mom' in me is proud of her. Even though she's not my daughter. :) forward. So Eva is coming to town. And I just had to email her. She emailed me back and we're getting together for lunch tomorrow. Not only that, she brought Whale Song with her. "To read in my hotel room before bed", she said. :)

Now that makes me feel like a New York Times bestselling author. Thank you, Eva.

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