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Sunday, September 17, 2006

'Our Girl Eva' is the New Canadian Idol!

Way to go, Eva!

Well, the night that my Japanese daughter Miha and I were waiting for has finally arrived. The 'crowning' of our new Canadian Idol and the culmination of weeks of speed dialling ended the way that Miha and I predicted--"Our girl" (as we affectionately call her) Eva Avila is the winner!

We watched as her name was called, and laughed as she turned to muffle the shocked outburst. It was quite comical. We agree, Eva. "Oh, my..."

The finale of Canadian Idol is all a bit of a blur; all we wanted to hear was that Eva would be the winner, that she would be releasing the album produced by Cindi Lauper and going on tour with Martina McBride.

What a voice that Eva has! And grace to boot! She managed to pull off an awesome finale song 'Meant to Fly' like a seasoned pro. I don't think it all had sunk in...and maybe won't until tomorrow.

What touched us the most (throughout the entire season of Canadian Idol) was how proud Eva's father is. "She's mine!" he shouted to the audience after holding her hand up high and spinning her around. Awww...Eva, you're so blessed to have such supportive and proud parents.

I'm sure she knows this.

Well, all I can say is: Eva, please, please hurry up and get that album out! And let me know ASAP. AND as Farley said, you could have it all - singing, movies...Hey, I have the perfect movie role for you, Eva. 'Sarah' in Whale Song would suit you perfectly.

Here's hoping Eva sees this blog and contacts me! :)

Well, with the recent success of Canadian Lukas Rossi on Rock Star Supernova, and Eva Avila on Canadian Idol, I hope it's obvious to the rest of the world what we Canadians have always known--



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