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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Eva Avila is Meant to Fly

Here's my Canadian Idol update...because most of you know my eyes have been glued to the show. Not only am I an Idol fan (and yes, American Idol too), I am an Eva fan. That girl rocks!

In last night's final voting show, it was Eva Avila versus Craig Sharpe. I will admit, I thought it was Craig's best night ever. He really did let loose, and he has a distinctive voice and has done his province and country proud (not to mention his family). He's put Newfoundland truly on the music map! (Not that a lot of sensational talent hasn't come from there.)

But let's get back to Eva...or "our Eva", as my Japanese daughter and I call her. I have converted her into an Idol fan too--a teenager from Japan who is in Canada for one year to learn about our country and culture. And what better way, than to have her watch Canadian Idol with me. These have been special nights, with us critiquing everyone's performances and knowing that it didn't matter in the end. We'd be voting for Eva. (Ok, I probably sound like a teenager myself...instead of a grown woman with a teenager of her own.)

So there we were last night, phones programmed on speed dial from the moment the show started. I dialled for an hour while watching Vanished on TV, until the lines jammed.

We shook our heads in amazement when Eva sang Meant to Fly, the new Idol winner's single. She sang that song with such grace and emotion that she completely 'owned' it!

I believe Eva is meant to fly.

I believe Eva Avila is meant to SOAR!

And I'll be first in line to buy her album.

There are only a few Idols (Canadian and American) who have 'stayed with me' after the show. I predict that Fantasia and Eva will be around for a very long time. The tears of pride in her Poppa's eyes told me that nothing's gonna stop Eva Avila now!

Eva, you're a Canadian jewel!



Anonymous said...

You'll have to be second in line to buy Eva's album. I'll be first. Craig's an okay singer, but it would be a shame if he recorded Meant To Fly. As you said, Eva owned the song! And...she made me cry. Twice.

Congrats on the TV show. That's way cool.

Cheryl Tardif said...

Well, darn...can we share that first place in line?? I'll meet you there and buy you a coffee! Or should we flip a coin? :)

And yes, the tears were flowing over here too. That is the sign of a real genius! Now if only I can get her to sing at my book launch next year...

Hey!!! Does anyone have Eva's email address???

And thanks, Denise. I'm so very excited about the TV series. Now let's hope I don't get a case of...duhhhhhhh....