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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Eva Avila - A True Canadian Idol

Well, I will admit to my fans that I am a bit of a TV junkie, and lately my eyes have been glued to Canadian Idol and my fingers have been glued to speed dial. This year's top three idols show poise, grace and versitility beyond their years, and I am proud that our country continuously showcases such fabulous talent and memorable voices.

After introducing our Japanese exchange student Miha to Canadian Idol, I will confess that with two phone lines in my house, I religiously program our favorite idol's number into the speed dial. Since we can vote as often as we want, Miha and I have stayed on task for over an hour the past few voting nights.


So we can vote for 'our girl Eva', as we call her.

That's Eva Avila...girl of a thousand voices, with poise, grace, humility and a beautiful spirit...and soon to be our Canadian Idol!

Now there's a true Canadian Idol who's got the whole package. And the standards night showed Canada that the girl can sing ANYTHING! She has more grace in her little finger than most adult women twice her age. Not only is she perhaps one of Canada's most sensational voices, she is also the humblest, never forgetting to thank those around her.

Congratulations, Eva...for making it into the top 2!

Miha and I have worn out the redial button on two phones, but it was all worth it. You are one idol whom I will personally support by buying your debut album.

About Eva:
This nineteen-year-old beauty hails from Gatineau, Quebec, (my husband lived there as a teen) but was born in Ottawa, Ontario, (hey, my hubby lived there too!) and works (or should that be 'worked'?) as a postal clerk and beauty consultant.

Well, Eva, you let me know if you ever need a good book to read. I will gladly send you an autographed copy of Whale Song (the new 2007 special edition)! You deserve a holiday after Canadian Idol...but I suspect your upcoming "holidays" will feature stages, sound studios, other artists/singers and some award shows as opposed to lying on a beach getting a tan.

Miha and I can't wait for your album! Kudos, you shining star!!!


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