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Friday, September 22, 2006

My Life List and Ellen

I watched The Ellen DeGeneres Show today and broke into a sweat. No, not because she had some hot, studly actor on, but because I was exercising on my treadmill. I've been watching more daytime TV in the past 2 weeks because of that darned thing...but at least I don't watch the counter plod along (especially when it feels like forever!)

So today Ellen burned some about a messy cook! My husband thinks she's my long lost sister though, because lately I've been cooking the same way. Ssssmokin'!

Ellen talked about Life Lists again, and I decided that even though I'm a big dreamer and a positive manifester, it was time to write down my own list. So, here it is, folks. But let's keep one thing in's a work in progress. I am sure I will add to it as the weeks go by.

  • 1. See Whale Song (my 2007 novel) made into a movie!!!!!!!!!!
    2. Have at least one of my novels reach New York Times Best Seller status before I’m 45 (I'm 43 now).
    3. Be a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (I suppose that should be my #1…oops)
    4. Be a guest on Oprah. (she doesn’t dance like Ellen…)
    5. Be a guest on The View. (love those gals!)
    6. Buy my mother her own home within the next five years. So far I have $300.00 saved!
    8. Send my mother to Scotland and Bermuda and provide a return ticket...if I have to.
    9. Make more money than my he can retire from his physically demanding job.
    10. See The River (another of my novels) made into a movie.
    11. Help other writers, especially new ones.
    12. Invest in a publishing company
    13. Get glasses or contacts, so I can read this list on Ellen's site :)
    14. Be a 'dead body' on CSI (the original) and hope I don't drool or start breathing hard while Grissom is looking me over :)
    15. Go to Florida or Maui to meet David Miller, the acclaimed environmental artist who licensed me his painting for the original cover of Whale Song (2003 version), and his lovely wife Nancy, whom I owe a huge debt of gratitude.

I encourage you all to think about what you want in life. Then dream about it in full color, make your list and start doing whatever it takes to get these goals. Today, I emailed Ellen and Rosie (from The View). Tomorrow, I'll email Oprah.


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Andrew McAllister said...

I like #11 - That would be a selfless and giving thing to do, for someone in a position where they can use all the help they can get (and you've been in that position, so I'm sure you know that)

Nice list! :o)

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