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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Day 3 Extreme Home Makeover: Coventry Edition -- Special Deals

Read this post to the end. There are two special deals or offers at the end.

So you want to build your dream home, but there are so many companies to choose from. How do you know which builder to go with? My husband and I have had 2 houses built--both with Coventry Homes. They've been in business since 1976. We were very happy the first time around, and I expect we'll be happy this time too. One thing we learned, Coventry takes very good care of their buyers. They also champion The Edmonton Humane Society with a program called "Homes for Hounds".

Building a house is exciting! Does this mean your build will go smoothly without a hitch? Probably not. There are always little mixups along the way, but the great thing is Coventry Homes takes responsibility and fixes them. This is all part of the home building experience. And I have to tell you, it's so much fun designing your own house plans. Especially picking all the colors and flooring and cabinetry. Everything is exactly the way YOU want it. That's the best part!

Okay, so here's a great offer for anyone thinking of building your own dream home in Edmonton, Alberta. I'm going to give autographed books to anyone who builds with Coventry Homes, providing you tell them I sent you.

If you're looking to build in Edmonton, here's MY special offer:

Check out Coventry Homes. Tell them "Cheryl Tardif" sent you. :-)

If you decide to build a Coventry Home, let me know. Once you've finalized your deal and your house is built, I will give you a signed copy of my 2 bestselling thrillers--Divine Intervention and The River. Don't forget to tell Coventry I sent you; this is how we track the people I'm giving books to. This offer is good for all of 2010.

The second offer: If you contact our salesman and area manager Darren Rose and build a Coventry Home and mention my name to him, Darren will give you an extra something special sometime around move in day. He's not saying what, but I know it'll be awesome!

Contact Darren Rose at or 780-757-5500

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RayRay said...

Cheryl-I was searching out some blog sites for mystery/suspense novel blogs and found yours. Now the interesting thing is that one of your topics is Home Makeovers. I just finished a book titled "Remodeling Hell" by Charles Irion. He happens to be a friend of mine here in Scottsdale. You should read that book. It's enlightening, scary, and funny. Amazon has it - give it a read.
My next read will be a Cheryl Kaye Tardif book. I love to read and write mystery/suspense. Sanford, Flynn, Patterson, Lee Child and many more. Oh and of course tardif and Irion. Can't get enough of these guys. I would really like you to read one of my short stories. If you ever have about 15 minutes - you can find me here at E blog at Let's chat.