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Thursday, February 11, 2010

AFNORTH NATO school gets novels by Cheryl Kaye Tardif

Last week, 15 of my novels were presented to the AFNORTH NATO school. Darren Rose, area manager for Coventry Homes in Edmonton, sponsored this generous donation and we arranged shipment of the books. I was so excited at the thought of my books in a school for kids from many different countries.

How did this all come about?

Eric, a teenager going to school at AFNORTH, was given an assignment to write about two works by Canadian authors. Only problem was the school library didn't have many novels by Canadian writers. And the teacher wanted the students to write about different authors, so they couldn't all use the handful of books there. Eric went on line and searched for Canadian writers. And up came my name. :-)

Birgit, Eric's mom, contacted me and wanted to know where she could buy my books. When she told me the whole story, I had an idea. In a matter of a day, I found a sponsor eager to participate and I made arrangements to send Eric an autographed copy of each of my novels, plus 15 extras for the school.

Today Birgit sent me a photo (above) of her son Eric with Mrs. Thibault, the Canadian section School Principal--each holding one of my novels. The photos (side and below) are of Mr. Donohue's GR 12 English 4U class and all the students are Canadian. There was even a write-up in the school newsletter.

"Your novels were presented to the school late last week," Birgit told me in an email. "The school is called AFNORTH and is a combined elementary, middle school and high school. It is located in Brunssum, Netherlands and is host to kids from many countries including Canada, U.S., U.K., N.L. and Germany."

I can't tell you how rewarding this is for me to know my books are in that school or to see photos of smiling teenagers holding my novels. I love it!!! And all because a teenager wanted to read my work and a sponsor believed the school deserved my books. It is at times like this when being a writer becomes so worthwhile, so fulfilling and my faith in my chosen career is justified.

My sincerest thanks to Darren Rose (sponsor), Eric & his mom Birgit, Mrs. Thibault and Mr. Donohue and everyone at AFNORTH.

For more information on the school, please visit:

Happy reading everyone!

~Cheryl Kaye Tardif

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