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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Whale Song - "A compelling and moral story, beautifully written..."

"Whale Song is a curl-up-under-the-covers kind of book. A compelling and moral story, beautifully written by a popular Canadian author.

Sarah Richardson, a likeable and adventurous young girl, is forced to leave her home and friends in Wyoming to live in a remote little town on Vancouver Island. There she is pulled though a gamut of emotions and experiences; the humiliation of racism and bullying, learning about Indian myths and culture, the haunting eye to eye contact with a killer whale, saving her abuser and almost drowning, losing two people she loved and finding her soul mate.

Cheryl's characters are so real, you would swear that she must have known them all of her life. Her readers will feel like they are experiencing the traumatic events firsthand. You won't want to put this one down."

--Emily Ross, aka Pauline Holyoak

*Whale Song is going out of print soon, so order while you can. Most stores won't order in an "out of stock" item, so your best bet is to buy online.

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